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Rototom SunSplash 2014 - Day 3

Rototom SunSplash 2014 - Day 3

Rototom SunSplash 2014 - Day 3

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The Gladiators & Droop Lion, Jesse Royal & Dubtonic Kru, Dubkasm feat Solo Banton, Anthony B and Mellow Moods & Friends

As in a nice vinyl records shop, even the old ones in the city center’s alleys, where you still can get dirty your hands by browsing the covers, also at Rototom Sunsplash is nice to stroll along the paths, deciding day-by-day which activity you want to carry out, stopping between the shade of the trees and having a look at the course of Yoga, at African dance classes or participate at laughter therapy sessions. Watch in amazement the athletic guys who perform with the slackline, listen to didgeridoo or congas players, admire the jugglers of Rotocircus with the pins or the bolas. Here you can choose what to do every day, you can try to learn something in a few introductory classes, you can develop your enthusiasm for it and then deepen once back at home. Or let yourself be pampered by the gentle rocking of the hammocks hanging from the trees, near the African Village, but it’s difficult to find a free one.

GladiatorsThe music offers the best and wider choice, to open the concert series of the Monday’s evening were the timeless The Gladiators, accompanied by the powerful voice of young Droop Lion, with his charismatic religious clothing. The historical band, although very reduced from its original lineup, keeps on giving exciting shows, proposing tracks that have brought them to the success and also new songs, in which the new singer has taken the place of the son of the great Albert Griffiths, already retired from the scene for a few years.

After them, Jesse Royal, another young singer with excellent vocal and metrics skills, his hour performance was enjoyable and interesting, it will hear talk about him in the future.

Soon after the Italians Mellow Mood, although now they have reached an international size after the many successes collected in Europe and overseas. The twins Lorenzo and Jacopo play confusing the audience dressing the same way with the same colors, but what is not confusing is the strong ability to engage the public, their mastery of patois and the undeniable power of their tune. An happy show that confirms with pleasure and pride an Italian reality conquering the world!

The closing event at Main Stage was the great Anthony B concert, who as a real lion has been able to bring out enthusiasm and excitement to from the crowd already highly charged. With his scepter and his long spindly legs, it seems he has to take flight at any moment when he runs back and forth on the spot. He is famous for his inexhaustible energy that he hasn’t spared for the whole concert, offering a great show with more or less recent pieces, a real Freedom Fighter!Anthony B

Night gathers and does not lead to anyone desire to sleep, throughout the festival there are thousands of hypothetical vinyl records to visit ...


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