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Rototom SunSplash 2014 - Day 2

Rototom SunSplash 2014 - Day 2

Rototom SunSplash 2014 - Day 2

By on - Photos by Mauro Sindici - Comment

Beenie Man, Romain Virgo, Mo'Kalamity & Collie Buddz.

The Sunday at festival begins with the morning quiet, people resting under trees, there are those who decide to go to the beach and those who decide to sleep until lunchtime. The relaxing life is one of the characteristics of Rototom Sunsplash, to leave at home our lives hectic pace, at least one week to fix up our minds and recharge our batteries for the begining of the season. Only in the evening at the concert, people carry on with pleasure, each with his favourite genre, each with his favourite artist.Collie Buddz

On the Main Stage Collie Buddz has opened the night with his concert, with his sunglasses and his towel on the shoulders he mades his audience dance with his nice tracks, a great mix of lovers and bashment sounds. The fans enjoyed the show under the sunlight too. His second album received positive reviews and the collaborations with other artists don’t miss.

Mo'KalamityThe young and strong Mo’Kalamity takes the stage soon after, and as a true warrior she takes possession of it without fear, demostrating her confident and determinated nature. Her abilities confirms it, her conscious lyrics conquered the fans, and her band contributes to the excellent performance of the dancable and enjoyable tunes. Africa in in her DNA, strong as a lioness who is not afraid of anything, she certainly rund into a full of success future, she is young but demostrates to be very mature at the same time.

At only 24, Romain Virgo is already a great certainty of the more genuine and nice Reggae music. If the future of reggae is booming is mainly thanks to artists such as Mr. Virgo, with a pure talent and a unique voice, he is a boy with a clean face, equipped with only style and consciousness of his own means. The evening was illuminated by his songs from his two albums and from the singles of the last three years. He holds the stage as a seasoned artist, he was cheerful with his colorful clothing, and serious and determined during his songs performance. Jamaica has really found a worthy successr of her best music. King of Dancehall Bennie Man has been called to close today’s concerts on the Main Stage. A great DJ and a great artist he presented himself in a full elegant suit as a reale gentleman of the stage. His famous explosive charge of his shows do not miss, he sings many tunes that blowed up the immense area full of people, who came to admire one of the cornerstones of Jamaican music. He looks as the absolute master of the stage, with a more than twenty years experience, growed up with bread and dancehall since his childhood.Beenie Man

A praiseful concert. The night falls on the last notes of Beenie Man, the people of festival still want to dance, everyone with his favourite genre until the sunrise, as in the streets of a city where people walks to their own destination, but here is about music, here we are at Rototom Sunsplash, everyone with his way but all with a common goal!


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