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Peter Tosh – Live At My Father’s Place 1978

Peter Tosh – Live At My Father’s Place 1978

Peter Tosh – Live At My Father’s Place 1978

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This amazing set was recorded at Long Island, New York in 1978  

There are several live Peter Tosh recordings around so why pick this one? Well, this was recorded just after Peter had signed to Rolling Stones Records and the “Bush Doctor” album has been released only weeks before this show – there was a lot of anticipation around at the club in New York, most of it centring on the question of whether or not any or all of The Rolling Stones would show up. In the end none did, but to judge from the enthusiastic audience reaction that can be heard throughout, it didn’t really matter – Peter won the crowd over anyway.

peter toshAll the expected tracks are here: 400 Years, Stepping Razor (to be used on the soundtrack of the Rockers movie the following year), Bush Doctor, Get Up Stand Up and of course Legalize It, The mellow Pick Myself Up is a highlight and reminded me of Peter’s huge influence on the late Lucky Dube, whilst African was also recorded by O’Yaba, another South African reggae band. Don’t Look Back was Peter’s current 45 at the time, and I guess the crowd were hoping for Mick Jagger to join Peter. Soon Come and I’m The Toughest are simply beautiful performance, and it is good to hear Peter give his thoughts on reggae music when he talks to the crowd.!

Backing comes from Word, Sound & Power, with Mikey Chung supplying some of the ferocious rock guitar that cropped up on international reggae recordings in that era (think Babylon By Bus. But this is one tough show, and it is Peter Tosh – and that is good enough reason to buy this CD.

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