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Rototom SunSplash 2014 - Day 5

Rototom SunSplash 2014 - Day 5

Rototom SunSplash 2014 - Day 5

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Junior Kelly,Nous Vin Lakay, Luciano, Sean Paul and Iration Steppas

Smile have always had a strong power. Those present at the reggae festival in Benicassim are well aware about it, and you can see it as soon as you get in; the first thing you see is the people smiling faces, their eyes fully of happiness and positivity. It is now well known that smile and laugh are therapeutic, within the festival were also organized laughter therapy classes, to teach you to feel good about the smile and above all to learn how to harness its power.Junior Kelly

Junior Kelly knows well this power, he took the stage to open the Main Stage concerts on Wednesday, and he found himself to fight against a strong storm that had been already expected. Not afraid at all, together with his brave fans who danced and sang in the rain, he defeated the bad weather smiling, that could stop the show for only a few minutes thanks to some minor technical problems. A joyful concert, as his beautiful songs which have with pleasure involved the happy spectators. A mature artist, humble and intelligent as he demonstrated at the press conference after the show, answering many questions of those present who were satisfied and happy.

LucianoNou Vin Lakay from Venezuela, the winners of Latin Rototom Reggae Contest took the stage after Junior Kelly, to demonstrate their talent from South America to Europe. As for audience reaction, we are confident that they have succeeded. Great reggae concert with Caribbean influences, from raggamuffin to hip hop. Afterwards, Luciano The Messenjah, a great artist and a spokesperson of spiritual and relating Roots. An intense concert full of energy, that sprang from his powerful and yet delicate voice, charmed and captivated the audience as it happens from many years of career and concerts all over the world. His incredible somersaults and his hair twirled in the wind are unforgettable. He even comes down from the stage to sing and embrace his audience, before returning to running by the side way, not being able to go back directly. Each concert is an experience, and he is an artist who gives the fans all himself in every show!

To conclude the day, Sean Paul, an artist who makes the entertainment its strength during the concerts. A large background with staircase and big smoke generators, two amazing dancers, great musicians and great DJ in console. He comes on stage with dark glasses, shorts like Miami's boys and his now famous crest on the head. He offers many danceable pieces, always keeping very high his and the audience's energy. This cannot be discussed, besides the fact of having realized a very well tested and well organized show. He is confirmed an international star, as demonstrated by its excellent collaborations contained in his latest album, like Damian Marley or Konshens. A worldwide star of the dancehall.Sean Paul

As in the morning, Rototom people keep on smiling also at night, until the music will come from the coffers of the Yard, and so on until dawn. There isn’t no sadness admitted here! 


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