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Aba Shanti I Live in Rome and Siena

Aba Shanti I Live in Rome and Siena

Aba Shanti I Live in Rome and Siena

By on - Photos by Mauro Sindici - Comment

Aba Shanti I performed the 7th of Novermber in Rome and the 8th in Siena

The moon doesn’t show herself often full and resplendent in all her beauty and light. Proud and jealous she chooses only the best nights where to show her full wonderful face. In 1973 Pink Floyd showed us through their great album The Dark Side the MoonAba Shanti-I, 40 years later, in Rome, he offered us a full view of the face that we knew through his music. That it would be a special night it was understood right from the early evening, there was a warm and particular air that enveloped the city, in contrast to the previous days, that they were so rainy and boring.Jah Station

The community center Intifada hosted the feast on Friday, November 7, sound system by Jah Station Soundsystem from Florence, for a perfect combination of power and sound quality, without forgetting the aesthetic appearance of the loudspeakers thanks to Lapo Natty’s skills and love for the music. Warm up by Mauro "Il Greco" Sindici, who earlier documented the evening with his precious photos, he took care to heat the Roman massive with its vinyl. 
When Aba Shanti-I took possession of the controls the night had fallen from nearly two hours, audio levels rise and bass were felt in the stomachs. From his case he picks, one after another his rare vinyl and personal versions, real gems to listen each time carefully. Every of his sessions is a unique experience from years as tell his performances at the Nottingh Hill Carnival in London or his session at the University of Dub or at UNOD. Not to mention his appearances at Rototom Sunsplash in Spain. His show could last a whole day without anyone noticing, the hours slided away record after record, always loaded one at a time as usual on the plate over his head. Holding the microphone in the hand punch to transmit his voice without effort, he introduces and accompanies the tunes with the body movement that seems almost in a trance. 5am arrive really early, nobody wants to go home after an event that is already history for Rome. The lights are turned on in the hall but there is time for a last record, and it could only be "Victory" to celebrate the evening! Roma won! 

Aba Shanti IOutside the sunrise lights up the sky, the Moon pleasantly hides in silence to rest. For the Crew of United Reggae there is only time for breakfast before heading to Siena where we await another evening with Aba Shanti-I.

The highway runs fast under our car, we still have smiles of the people in the head and in the ears the good vibes we received. Colle Val d'Elsa welcomes us with the fresh and sparkling air of the Siena hills. Sonar Club is full of people waiting for the party. Warm Up entrusted to the hosts of Jah Station with the sound system reinstalled after last night. There is a warm and friendly atmosphere, there is the desire to have fun together and share a unique experience.

Mr. Joseph Smith climbs into the chair after 1 a.m. for a new class of music. In tracksuit and shirt, he shows his simplicity as a man more interested in substance than appearance. The two-hour set goes through a route of pure roots music of the best years, and then come to a more powerful dub sound towards the end. Arms raised, smiles, shining eyes and sweaty faces are pictures of this Tuscany evening. Aba Shanti-I closes the set with folded hands thanking the audience for staying with him until the end, no one would wanted it to end and we continued to ask for more music. But unfortunately outside the police did not allow us to go ahead beyond 3.30. In the hall plastic cups and flyers were on the ground, where before thousand feet danced and a thousand arms were raised to the sky. It lacked a few hours at dawn and the sound system is removed once again, waiting for a new night of music.
The moon peeped through the clouds, she didn’t want to leave us alone and for nothing in the world she wanted to miss this event. We felt less alone coming back home, when on the highway to Rome we saw it over our heads to keep us company for a little longer...Aba Shanti


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