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Rototom SunSplash 2014 - Day 6

Rototom SunSplash 2014 - Day 6

Rototom SunSplash 2014 - Day 6

By on - Photos by Mauro Sindici - Comment

Wailing Souls, Jah9, Rapsusklei, OBF, Salomon Heritage and Midnite!

 Benicassim is like the city you've never imagined, wandering through its narrow streets with cobblestones can give you pleasant surprises. Some houses have Mexican style, with pastel-coloured walls, facades and doors decorated with floral majolicas, bars and small restaurants that seem to remember Yucatan’s cantinas. It's 'nice to take a stroll through its clean streets at lunch, while along the sidewalks.

So many guys eat sitting at the tables in the shade of the premises. Many people are still sleeping, because of the great concerts finished only a few hours before.

Wailing Souls

The Wailing Souls opened the evening with their concert; they’re a group that made the history of Jamaican music since the times of the glorious collaboration with Studio One and Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong. A concert that brings to mind the golden age of Reggae, sounds that brings to mind the places where all began, where everything took shape and then began to expand to the world. A concert that repairs the soul, the heart pumps pure oxygen that coming from the vibes, smiles remain on the lips from the beginning to the end. 

jah9Jah9 took the stage soon after, reading some passages of the Bible that keeps in her hands. The young poetry and singer takes off her shoes to feel on her skin the vibrations of the stage, like the one she gives to the audience with her powerful and intense voice and songs so full of messages and religiosity, she’s a sincere believer and an excellent authoress. Exponent of the new generation of Jamaican roots, she demonstrated a great personality and a genuine talent, also supported by an excellent band that is also well-known and capable musicians.

Rapsusklei to follow, with his anger and vocal ability, shouted all the malaise of Spanish society to which he belongs without forgetting the problems that plague the world. It is hard to keep up with its fiery rhymes, his incredible metric speed gets the audience crazy. An electrifying show that has pleasantly convinced. 

Midnite, from the little St. Croix island, to the huge audience of Rototom Sunplash. The group of the Benjamin brothers closed with honor and merit the series of daily concerts on Main Stage, under a starry sky that seemed rigorously waiting the unique and special sound of this band. As the quiet and bright stars, the eyes of Rototom people remains in totally admiration during all the exhibition, like enraptured by this kind of "mantra" reggae, which involved them in an almost mystical rite, hypnotized by the endless tracks and the ceaseless music. An original and intense experience, to be remember for years, an unique band for musical, originality an rediscovery of more extreme roots. 


Benicassim’s streets are empty at sunrise, only a few people walking towards their beds. The hidden alleys are illuminated with shyness, like the shining eyes of a woman who slowly gives her love.


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