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Mellow Mood Live in Rome

Mellow Mood Live in Rome

Mellow Mood Live in Rome

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"We are going back in February with the project Dub Files and our producer Paolo Baldini"

Maybe they were only tears of joy, the ones falling over Rome in the afternoon. Mellow Mood were coming back in the capital after the big concert of last summer, where they performed before leaving for their South American tour, a second home for them, especially Mexico. Obviously, without forgetting Jamaica, essential to know for such a young group like them, to get ispirations and fill up with pure knowledge from their musicians and artists. Roman stop for the Twinz tour 2014, great new album which is getting great support from the critics and the public, that doesn’t stop following the Pordenone’s band. Few steps away from the famous Pyramid of Caio Cestio, the Rising Love club has hosted the evening with a superb organisation, despite the great amount of people attending the evening.

The show started on the sound of Twinz and the lively Dig Dig Dig, followed with the popular tunes of the last albums like She’s so nice, Inna Jail, Only you and Moses, all of them loved and sang in chorus by the fans, very young and happy. Lighters and mobiles phones light up, when they started singing the sweet Don’t leave I lonely, deep emotions and hands up all together. Great finale it couldn’t be that with Dance Inna Babylon, trying to estinguish the last strenghts of the audience, who didn’t stop dancing for the entire show. The band leave the stage thanking and saying his good byes, nobody wants to go back home, the last energies are gone with the last selections of the after concert, who had shown date after date the growth and maturity of this band proudly italian. Even outside the night is hot, the Pyramid is shining white like brand new in the moonligh,after the recent lift who gave her a new life. A bit like the new life Mellow Mood are giving now to the Italian reggae.

Mellow Mood


Welcome to United Reggae! How important has been the trip to Jamaica for you?

In Jamaica you have the opportunity to confront yourself with lots of other artists, the island is full of talents. We didn’t want to visit touristic places, we spent most of the time in Kingston, inside the studio with great musicians, most of them unknown but very talented. At the beginning you are a bit intimidated to play with people that playing this music every day, but when you come back home, you feel very rich.

Are you planning to go back soon in Jamaica?

We are going back in February with the project Dub Files and our producer Paolo Baldini, I can’t really talk about it now, but we have in mind a sort of documentary on what it’s happening daily in Jamaica, filming the great amount of superb unknown musicians. This is what we want to do with our own resources and we are very pleased and excited about it.

You are just came back from your tour in Mexico and Argentina. Any impressions?

In Mexico we played at two different dates and we played with Gondwana whom we had a collaboration with. In Argentina we performed at the most important reggae festival. These have been two great experiences and the latin american public is always very warm and knows us very well. That’s why we never stop to thank the millions of views on the web for Dance Inna Babylon,for us it’s been a dream come true, that helped us to travel around the world and to get recognition from all over.

The fans ask if you have any arguments between you two and if you have any discussions with the other members of the band?

Well, yes it happens sometimes between siblings, we discuss things, but less than the past years, we’re getting better! With the rest of the band we talk about everything, we talk about the organisation of the show, about the album, about everything in general. Usually when we’re preparing for a new album or a tour.


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