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Rototom SunSplash 2014 - Day 8

Rototom SunSplash 2014 - Day 8

Rototom SunSplash 2014 - Day 8

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Inner Circle, Danakil, Badalonians, Sir Wilson, Irie Souljah and Ms Lauryn Hill!

There is a particular noise that symbolizes Benicassim the day after the festival. A noise that everyone knows and recognises the meaning.The particular structure of the pavements of the city centre, with his small tiles divided by little grooves, it only enhances this sound in the silence of the Sunday morning,like to reach the furthest and absent minded ears. Or simply the ears they won’t accept the sad reality . The noise of thousands wheels of the many trolleys, screams at the Rototom’s community at the farewell’s time. Long parades of boys and girls that drugged their lugagges to their trains or cars,there is who’s searching for a lift showing a sign with their last destination, who’s walking around without a purpose. But everyone is filled with joy for what they’ve experienced few hours earlier , a mixture of sadness and happiness fills their hearts. This is just enough to keep them warm till the next year. Because basically everyone is wishing for a come back, judging by the great success and record admissions, also for this 2014, important stop after the twentieth edition of last year.

Inner Circle

Inner Circle opened the evening of the Main Stage under the last sun rays just before the sunset. The Lewis’ brothers after a career of forty years seem still have fun with their enjoyable and captivating sound. Unforgettable the time with Jacob Miller, unforgettable their most popular tunes like Bad Boys and Sweat that send the fans in a delirium until the end of the show. A band who made history and has still the will of writing other pages of their adventure.

DanakilTo follow the French Danakil, directly from Paris with their copious and very efficient band. Their french reggae roots seduces and stimulates, it’s impossible don’t partecipate jumping and singing all together. The public has appreciated and returned applauding with true approval. The many collaboration with Jamaican artists only improve to this young band, also though working together for the last fifteen years, the results are seen and appreciated live and on their new work. An excellent demonstration.

Filippo Giunta, with all the other organisers of the Rototom Sunsplash, said his farewell like always at the end of the annual show with a lovely speech before the last concert on the Main Stage.
With his proverbial sensibility and intelligence had thanked the 250.000 partecipants of this year describing them true dreamers. After introducing and thanking every single worker in all the different areas, from the cleaning operators to the securities, he gave appointment for the next edition in 2015. Declaring himself proud of feeling like a brother of this big family, he thanked and sent a hug to the entire community on the vibes of Jimmy Cliff. 

To Ms Lauryn Hill, the honour of end the festival. Like a true star she made wait an hour before to show up on stage, with a white dress and really short hair. From the start with the Fugees, and to her solo carrier with her lucky and only studio album, a lot of water has passed under the bridge,but her determination on stage is still there, and this was recognise but everyone watching. An exceptional band formed with great musicians and djs supporting her from the beginning to the end, passing from tunes of her career to the covers of Bob Marley, which blood runs in the veins of her five children. An excellent show, recognising to Lauryn Hill the strengh and commitment of an artist with twenty years more of the one that everyone remembers with affection. An intelligent choice for a musically international final. The doors of the Festival shut at dawn, the last one for the Rototom this year. The parade of youngsters on the pavements doesn’t stop for the all day, everyone with their trolleys filled with memories and experiences. The noisy wheels fill with dust and smells of Benicassim. The noise brings with it something of sad and joyful, the sadness of the good-byes and the joy of a certainty, a farewell to next year...Thank you Dreamers!


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Posted by Monica on 12.29.2014
Ms Lauryn Hill Killing It !!!

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