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From Sting to Rebel Salute

From Sting to Rebel Salute

From Sting to Rebel Salute

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"I can't breathe from the Stink"

The 31st annual staging of the Sting one night festival has come and gone, and as is typical, left most supporters of Jamaican music and culture gasping for breath. Personally, "I can't breathe" from the Stink. For too long this event has been allowed to promote lyrical clashes and uncontrolled verbal abuse on stage as a representation of Jamaican entertainment. We are also in really deep shit when our current Minister of Culture sees fit to publicly proclaim her support for an event that gives priority to vulgarity and violence, rather than the presentation of musical performances.

Give thanks for the courage and vision of Tony Rebel, who has for over 20 years presented the Rebel Salute festival, and stuck to his goal of showcasing real Jamaican music that exemplifies healthy lifestyles and celebrate the cultural impact and significance of Rastafari. 

The lines are clearly drawn, and solutions to the dilemma facing Jamaica in our quest for sustainable development rest squarely on our abilities to appreciate the significance of culture, and our cultural industries. Even Former Prime Minister PJ Patterson, who wasted his opportunity to make a difference during his tenure in office, seems to now see the light. His recent utterances about the value of marijuana and Jamaican music are actually quite interesting.

There seems to be a vast gap between the thinking of former Prime Minister Patterson, and the views of the young Culture Minister, who many once saw as our future leader. Maybe Minister Hanna needs to move from Sting to Rebel Salute

Sting / Rebel Salute

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