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United Reggae mixtape - Killers Without Fillers #1 - Love is a Game

United Reggae mixtape - Killers Without Fillers #1 - Love is a Game

United Reggae mixtape - Killers Without Fillers #1 - Love is a Game

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New mixtape series. 100% vinyl. The first episode includes 10 love songs.


1. Delroy Wilson – Riding for a Fall [Studio One version]
2. The Shades – I know a Girl (aka She's Gonna Marry me)
3. Dave Barker – Your love's a Game
4. Alton Ellis – It's true
5. The Heptones – Give me the Right [Studio One version]
6. The Paragons – Only a Smile
7. Errol Dunkley – Girl you Cried
8. Jackie Paris – Make me Smile
9. Joe Higgs – Come on Home [Life of Contradiction version]
10. Bob Marley – All Day and All Night

Killers without fillers #1

Love is what makes the world go round. It is also one of the things that makes a singer write a song. Joy, happiness, jealousy, heartache or pain... A wide range of feelings, basically all "the primary feelings" (in analogy with « the primary colors » needed to make all others), that artists need to express in music. In this mixtape you will find ten evidences of that statement: ten love songs that express different kind of feeling. From Delroy Wilson's break-up song Riding for a Fall to the previously unreleased Bob Marley's All Day and All Night , in which the king of reggae sings about love devotion: "I'm never gonna give my love to nobody but you babe..." with beautiful answering harmonies by Peter and Bunny. You will find tunes like Give me the Right, by the Heptones, Studio One version (original 'Wreck up my Life' riddim), or Your love's a Game by Dave Barker, both with outstanding vocals. You will also come along two different uses of the word "smile". One by the Paragons with John Holt telling that he's not fooled by hypocrite smile, the extra classic Only a Smile. The other with Jackie Paris who begs his wife to stay in the heartbreaking harmonica-led Make me Smile. And if you listen closely, you will even hear Errol Dunkley himself explaining the origin of his tune Girl you Cried while it's playing: recorded at Treasure Isle, released by Count Shelly. This is part of the interview I did with Errol few months ago I realised after mixing the tracks that the set featured three Studio One productions, and three Techniques productions: it's not on purpose, I just love the work of these two giants, Coxsone Dodd and Winston Riley. The only thing on purpose, apart from the lover's theme, is that I try to respect the commitment induced by the name of this series: Killers without Fillers. I hope I have succeeded!

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