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Svaha Sound Records - Dub Bibliothque V1

Svaha Sound Records - Dub Bibliothque V1

Svaha Sound Records - Dub Bibliothque V1

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A Mighty Dub Compilation from Svaha Sound Records


Reading dub maestro Ras Red I once reported that he has been diagnosed with O.D.D.—Obsessive Dub Disorder. It’s a malady that affects many of us (along with Reggae Myelitis). So we should be thankful for the cure: The ten-cut compilation Dub Biblioteque—Volume 1 from Svaha Sound Records.

Svaha Sound Svaha Sound Records is known for helping new talent enter the world of reggae-inspired dub. With Dub Biblioteque—Volume1 they have given us a glimpse some new echo-and-reverb specialists. If dubmeisters like Don Fe, Anti Bypass, and Fullness are keepers of the faith, then the dubscape of the future looks like it will keep feeding us the remedy for O.D.D.

Svaha Sound is located in in High Wycombe, UK and came onto the dub scene with its initial album, Roots &Branches. They have introduced us to Jahwise Listener,Space Tourist, and Mexican Stepper among others. For their latest release,Svaha Sound turned to Dundee-born, London-based musician (and melodica aficionado) El Bib, who has compiled selectors from Europe and the U.S.

What better way to start off a dub collection than Coronation, a triumphal piece by Guerrilla Hi-Fi. The Oakland, California U.S. collective has made what sounds to me like the victorious entry of El Cid into medieval Valencia, complete with a horn anthem and spirited high-energy dubstuments. This should be played at the crowning of King Tubby himself, or at least Prince Jammy. It is followed by Ras Red 1’s Lonesome Dub, which is a mellow, almost jazzy interlude and a bass and piano that one might hear in a late night smoky joint in a big city on a rainy night. After that we hear Thyme Dub from electro-whizzes Cranky General, Dutty Hands (Yorkshire’s Nick Thompson), and Nice-based Redj. A hypnotic 8-note repeating baseline takes over as the melody and helps to give us the “brain sonorities”we dub lovers crave.

Manudub hails from Marseilles and his Monarch Dub is an inventive, haunting, clear, and smooth piece of reggae that characterized his EPs EchoCid 1 and 2, and the wonderful cut Eastern Dub Iration. Don Fe follows with Dread Agent Dub, which is notable not only by a wonderful melody but a clear almost crystalline sound. Don Fe, who is UK-born but now lives in Spain, demonstrates unusual musical control in this piece and its confidence is infective.

Fullness (from Bournemouth UK) teams up with reggae legend I Kong for the jazzy and rock-fast Cork It Up Dub. Bristol’s Ras Bruno weighs in with a sweet underlying melody that is broken up by sonic spirals and musical crackles on Revolution Dub. El Bib himself chimes in with Dahab Dub, whose dubstruments are headed by a nice organ sound. Thunderknob by Lyon’s Anti Bypass comes is a cut with fine splashy reverbs. (His is a nice name for an analog dub specialist.). Dub Biblioteque V1 finishes up with Spain’s Dub Against Police and a jazzy horn cut called Boss Bully Dub.

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