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Zion Train - Land Of The Blind

Zion Train - Land Of The Blind

Zion Train - Land Of The Blind

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Zion Train accelerate in the fast track


The irrepressible Zion Train – who are now a full quarter century peddling their wonderful wares - are due to release their ‘Land Of The Blind’ album to coincide with the spring equinox on March 20th\21st next – and it’s not to be missed. Packed with a host of celebrity inputs and polished off by the Ark in London and Studio AS One in Warsaw, the driver – Neil Perch – keeps the engine fired up from departure to destination.

One of Zion Train’s enduring and most admirable characteristics is their combination of techno with generous dollops of brass, embedded in solid reggae rhythms. The Zion Train touring brass pair of David Fullwood (trumpet) and Lucas Petter (trombone) are augmented on this production by the genial Don Fe (flute) and Gianni Denitto (alto sax), whilst Vedran Meniga drums out the rhythms, allowing Fitta Warri add the all-important ‘binghi’ dimension. All tracks are written and produced by the afore mentioned perfectionist Perch.

Zion TrainFrom the opening Tranquility Through Humility  track right through to The Great Flood – Gaia’s Tears closing track (which defers to the trauma of the 2015 Malawian flood disaster) Fe’s flute leads the way, amidst some solid and sensous sounds. Track 2 Dirty Dunza  (i.e. money), featuring Fitta and Jazzmin Tutum punches its way via exhortations on the dangers of the dollar. We Are Water (featuring Kathika and R Abbit) then meanders through a techno maze, before the engaging and jaunty Words of Wisdom go light on the Words yet heavy on the Wisdom. Damian engages on the No I.D track, amidst spiralling brass and a pacey rhythm, whilst lodging a formal complaint against the prevalence of Barriers.

More and More brings Kathika and R Abbit back into play with some haunting vocals set to a bouncy backdrop that melds well with the follow-on Inner Vision track. This sets the scene for the album’s title track Land Of The Blind, which warns of the Armageddon via delicate vocals from Tutum. Z.T’s familiar reggae rhythm then kicks in on Roots Man Play, as the larger than life Dub Dadda liaises with Warri to dispense his own words of wisdom to the massive on the perils of permanent pressure.The follow on Seeds Of Change takes the experimental and exciting instrumental route before Raise A Dub (featuring Longfingah) sets the chandeliers a shaking with some upbeat tempos. The penultimate track is aptly titled Dry Your Tears and will surely light up the dancehalls as patrons prance, swing and bounce to the catchy reggae rhythm therein.

Big up to the Zion Train crew for Land Of The Blind. It further solidifies the status of these multi-dimensional reggae artists amongst the kings of the crop. And the good news is that Zion Train will soon be calling to a town near you to support this welcome new release. Don’t miss it!

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