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Colah Colah - Unstoppable

Colah Colah - Unstoppable

Colah Colah - Unstoppable

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The “Colah Colah network” is alive and well in the chanter’s sixth album.  


The prolific and high-energy reggae songmaster Colah Colah has arrived imbuedwith“musical dynamite”on his sixth album, Unstoppable. The happy and conscious singer who gave us the great Steady Meady is back again with fifteen roots reggae cuts (and a touch of dancehall) that continues to increase the respect he has engendered from reggae fans over the last few years.  From the really fine opening song, And My Imagination, all the way through to the apply-named The Energy, Colah Colah never ceases to uplift with his special brand of musical adrenaline.

Colah ColahWhat have we come to expect from the chanter whose five previous albums—Steady Meady (2010) through One Love Unity (2014)? We know he will give us positivity and energy. Up Up Up on Unstoppable, or Togetherness, in fact deliver just that, the music we have come to know from Colah Colah’s self-built Elevation Records label: solid production and a social view that is surrounded at every turn by encouragement to youth and adult alike. Everyone is welcome to the “Colah Colah Network.” I have never seen Colah Colah live but I can imagine him on stage imploring his fans to “show me the smile and forget about the sh—“, well the mess.

The commitment to collaboration that brought us both Networks and Networks The Future (with Turbulence) is continued here in Unstoppable. Natural Black joins the chanter on Don’t Care and the great Luciano himself chimes in with Father Moses. On this cut the two reggae stars tell us we need to be like David and King Solomon, like Father Moses and Aaron. If you add to this the message of living happy and sensing one love unity, you get a line on Colah’s message to the world.

You can feel the influence of Shaba Ranks in the handsome Kingston artist. But his influences go even deeper. Colah Colah (aka Steven Bygrave) has stated that he once saw Bob Marley at Randy’s Records. It is a memory he has always treasured and he does Nesta proud when he brings a strong sense of Rastafari to his work and intermingles it with a sense of Armageddeon in Red Red Red Red.

Six albums and going strong, Colah Colah has carried, and continues to carry, the torch of the great reggae prophets to Europe and beyond. We await your seventh high-spirited, Rastafari-tinged songs and his excellent collaborations. The singer of Steady Meady marches on, and we dance with him. We are “feeling the energy,” when we listen to Unstoppable.

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