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Peter Lloyd sends his soul to the world

Peter Lloyd sends his soul to the world

Peter Lloyd sends his soul to the world

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This year, Peter Lloyd the film actor, turned singer, released latest single Oh My Dahling, which also is indeed on the platform set for a legend.


Some persons see him as a charmer. Others throw negative criticisms in his path, fewer even refer to him as an “iron balloon”. However, whatever the vision, Peter Lloyd, a down-to-earth soul will be soaring beyond horizons sooner than skeptics think. With past hits like Dem Seh Gold Digga, and singles such as Ready For Love, Walk Through Fire, Wake Dem Up, such as he has already begun. In 2000, his first album so far the critically acclaimed Transitions, under the Gem-Kkept record label was produced.

This year the film actor, turned singer, released latest single Oh My Dahling, which also is indeed on the platform set for a legend. This treat teases listeners into anticipating another full album. Nonetheless, fans will remain satisfied with the confirmation that another single Perfect Body is set for a January 2009 release date. The video for Oh My Dahling is conceptualised by the thoroughbred Jamaican, Peter Lloyd, who also in working alongside cameraman Richard Lyn directed it. As usual his productions are subtle descriptions of Jamaica’s culture, but done in a way for listeners to learn rather than being overbearingly judgmental. So far, Wake Dem Up is a cry to bring Jamaicans into the reality of the negative experiences existing, but also their capabilities in Jah to overcome, be strong and be productive, because of their in born talent. Other nations for sure can relate to this song.

In Oh My Dahling he represents the average Jamaican male, too attracted to today’s women to step aside. Yet admiring them with respect, the represented male figure endeavours to pick a flower for his garden already being pruned. Its humorous and in the end, the single rose he brings to a bloom is suddenly crowded by other flowers he secretly watered.

Tunes such as from Clementine are borrowed, a common assault in the music industry. Oh My Dahling currently (last quarter 2008) claims the number one spot on Bess FM, number 4 on the RE-TV video countdown, and is on the Hitz 92 FM charts.

We are put in memory of Dem seh Gold Digga (”They say Gold Digger”), which is as fresh and current as when it became a hit.

Oh My Dahling is well choreographed, and thankfully, as with Lloyd’s other videos, which are also incidentally directed and produced by him, are not all about showing body parts. The lyrics do not get complicated, and are as catchy as the rhythms rendered in a purr. As with his other songs, proper respect is given to Jamaican women regardless of the hurdles experienced.

Peter has a unique marketing style which so far seems to be working. He’s not a man of fanfare, so sending his waves through the Internet is on par with his affectionate character. Two of his singles can be found on You tube, where you can also log in to make comments. You can see Wake dem up, then came Oh My Dahling.

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