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Scotia hosts 'celebration of art'

Scotia hosts 'celebration of art'

Scotia hosts 'celebration of art'

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This year the Scotia Private Client Group team put all heart in art, making their annual signature event “Celebration of Art”, on December 5, masterful. The show held at the Devonshire, and, curated by Susanne Fredricks also included a silent auction to earn funds for Jamaican victims of the Scoliosis disease.

Setting the stage for a cultural ambassador to take notes, a selection of Jamaica’s ultimate best in painting, jewelry and sculptor were presented as the main show. The work of three masters, jeweler Garth Sanguinetti, painter Barrington Watson, and, the late Christopher Gonzalez stood to tell tales of culture and talent of Jamaica’s people.

On auction were works by varied artists including Phillip Supersad.

And, to compliment this range were pieces by young upcoming sculptor Donito Davis. They also went bold in choosing a photographer, Marvin Bartley, this year, to bear the annual grant award claimed by Keriene Chang Fatt last year. Student photographer, Marvin Bartley, who is better known for his work in fashion photography is himself a developing force to be reckoned with, his work showing deep creative thought. Guest speaker was Professor Rex Nettleford, who chose this fairly new forum to chime old rings about his perspective on the creative sector within society. Bank president, Bruce Bowen introduced Scoliosis Care, while speaking on the silent auction. Having recently spent time in the presence legendary Beres Hammond, the superb craftmanship and artistic talent was enough to impress him of the local “indomitable and resilient spirit”. In admiration, he said “Jamaicans have an innate talent of being the very best at what they do, of creating beauty and joy and excitement out of very limited resources.”

As such, he encouraged listeners to “stay focused” and mindful of the ability of art to appreciate, hence a good investment in challenging times. The Scoliosis Care programme is an sixth area for members of the Scotiabank Jamaica Foundation to assist the less fortunate. The works on exhibition demonstrated a critical thinking process, perhaps of the curator. Nothing short of masterful, the pieces, which were well-chosen, all complimented each other and came together as a colourful collage of perfection, leaving a lingering warmth of a truly artistic experience.

The Christopher Gonzalez works on exhibition spanned from his early works in the 1960s, to modern days before he died, and were on loan from varied collections. Although he is popularly known for his controversial statute of Bob Marley, his works, a transition from sculptor to carving to drawing to watercolours till his death. Among the dynamic display was “Self portrait” 1972″ done in cement fondue and from the Wallace Campbell Collection. The charcoal “Wisdom of the Aged” was also as outstanding as the video presentation on the life and works of the artist cleverly put together by Dr David Boxer making the presentation the more perfect.

Garth Sanguinetti, master jeweler had many a signature piece representing the reservoir of brilliant ideas that those who know him have come to expect. Not only were his pieces unique and done perfectly, but they demonstrated the exquisite skills of the jeweler to turn almost any material into wearable attractions. His choice of materials ranged from precious metals and stones to sometimes overlooked elements such as fishing net, which he used to make a bracelet. Some viewers had difficulty identifying the materials of some of the pieces unless you had an eye for hidden detail. Of particular interest was the “The three ring set - ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamonds, set in channel, 2007″, done to a modest elegant finish. Master painter Barrington Watson showed pieces smaller than his usual almost life-sized works, but done with equal skill as his larger works. In the room where his work was displayed, Donito Davis was strategically placed. Davis’ “The Family” was a rewarding eye piece. It represented the depth of thought with which the artist worked, placing the man, as head of the family very large in perspective to the woman carved to the back of his head. In the meantime, the man holds his son in his bosom, as he protects and guides him into manhood. Many were the ooohs and aahhs pulled from the lips of viewers on entering this room, and a few ladies were even overheard reminiscing on the craft of Edna Manley as they admired the young Davis’ work. Marvin Bartley considers himself a contemporary fine art photographer. The three pieces mounted to compliment the room holding master jeweler Garth Sanguinetti were outstanding and provoked as much thought, that he himself had evidently invested. Far more than the visionary’s ability to manipulate digital imagery is his commitment to obviously change the face of contemporary Jamaican art, as he best can with his experiences in painting, photography, fashion and design. Speaking on slavery, one of the strong pieces on display was “the Gregson Family Dream’ Tragedies of Zong, 2007.

Making the evening even more memorable were the most enjoyable and creatively displayed meal by Italian Ciao Belle, and exquisite 1876 Wines available in just right portions.

photos by Patrick James.

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