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Remembering Dickie Jobson

Remembering Dickie Jobson

Remembering Dickie Jobson

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Legendary film director of Countryman, Dickie Jobson passes.

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It was a Christmas Day shock to be told by mutual friend and associate Colin Leslie that film maker Dickie Jobson had passed from life on Christmas Eve. My shock was somewhat eased when I remembered with joy that the Jamaica Film Academy had honoured Dickie Jobson at the February 2008 staging of the first Reggae Film Festival and screened his 1970s feature film Countryman in one of its rare Jamaican showings.

Dickie Jobson was a friend and business associate of film makers Perry Henzell and Chris Blackwell, so it was no surprise when he ventured into film production with Countryman – one of the early efforts to continue the progressive move to indigenous feature film production established by The Harder They Come. As part of the Island Jamaica film and music team, Dickie was associated with every film project of that prolific organization, and assisted many overseas film production companies to interact with Jamaica.

The Countryman story of two American tourists cast away on the Hellshire beach where real-life fisherman Countryman lives, and the adventures that follow as police pursue them as suspected drug exporters, was typical of the 70’s era when Jamaica was viewed simply as a tropical paradise with an interesting culture. It’s famous scene when Countryman cooks a several course Jamaican meal on an outdoor fire and the delight the visitors express as they taste each new food surprise, has become a classic.

Like most other Jamaican films of that era, the acclaim for the director’s achievement has only come in modern times and financial success may never materialize. Dickie Jobson was therefore delighted to be honoured at the Reggae Film Festival and to enjoy the company of his film making friends, including his cousin, film maker Wayne Jobson.

The name of Dickie Jobson and his beautiful film Countryman will be forever memorialized in the Hall of Fame of the Jamaican film industry. On behalf of the Jamaica Film Academy, and as a personal friend, please allow me to extend honours on his passing.

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