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Rebelution in Dub by Yami Bolo

Rebelution in Dub by Yami Bolo

Rebelution in Dub by Yami Bolo

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Zion High productions re-release the great Rebelution and its dub version.


While Yami Bolo fans continue to wait for that next big studio album release, in comes this lovely re-release of a former great with a wonderful new package and an even better new 'twist'. Yami Bolo's 'Rebelution' was an album originally released in 2003 on CD to largely very good response, from US label Zion High Productions. The album was clearly the veteran's best release in quite awhile and arguably his greatest complete piece of work in his entire storied career. Obviously it was also quite successful as the same Zion High Productions has brought forth a digital dubbed out and instrumental version of the album 'Rebelution In Dub'. Mixed by the venerable Lynford 'Fatta' Marshall, the re-released version is certain to strike it big with the many fans of the original release as well as introduce and possibly endure it to a new crowd of listeners simultaneously.

'Rebelution In Dub' features dubs of eleven of the album's fourteen beautiful tracks and takes fans on a very interesting and colourful ride to say the least. It was actually quite surprising just how well this album in particular translated to such a format because it wasn't so much musically lauded initially, as much as was for Yami Bolo's typically amazing vocals and lyrics, but this album's very existence speaks to the wonderful work which was done in compiling the album in initially.

The album's several highlights include pieces such as 'Ancient Trod Dub' [originally 'Ithiopia'], 'More Ises Dub' ['Pray'], the nearly enchanting 'Night To Day Dub' ['Empress I Love You'] and the album topping 'Break Free Dub' ['Liberation']. But it's very difficult to find even one subpar offering on this very strong set by its end. The vibes here are also not too heavy so that new fans of Dub won't be put off by it, but certainly not 'light' enough to alienate it from traditional fans of the subgenre, making Yami Bolo's Rebelution In Dub from Zion High Productions a very interesting and worthwile purchase of both types of fans.

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