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Out Of Many. . . One Sound by L&S symfHoney

Out Of Many. . . One Sound by L&S symfHoney

Out Of Many. . . One Sound by L&S symfHoney

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A very unique and interesting sound by Ijahman Levi daughters.


Dealing with the offspring of well known and well regarded musical artists can often be a very strange thing in music, in general and in terms of Reggae, in particular, things can be even more uneven. Of course, setting the trend is the Marley clan as well as the Morgans, but if one were to pay an extra close attention, the chances of running into very colourful and potentially critical releases like the one here increase drammatically.

Sisters Lydia and Shema comprise L&S symfHoney. The siblings (one of which is a splitting image of her mother) are the daughters of the legendary Ijahman Levi and Marge Sutherland and are now attempting to make their own paths in the music industry and if their very first album, 'Out Of Many. . . One Sound', is any indication, their future may just be as bright as the career of their legendary father. The album comes via Malysha Productions and features L&S tackling some very mature and powerful concepts with a wide variety of approaches throughout.

Fans will certainly be familiar with the tune 'I Do', which is a very sweet cover of their parents' hit of the same name and certainly helps to give a very familiar sound to an unfamiliar act, but every other tune on the album goes to build their own vibes. Two early tunes, 'Mr. & Ms. Injustice' and 'Sweet JahMekYa Come Together', display very open and conscious messages, sentiments which are also reflected in the later tune, 'What Is Going On In The World Today' and one might not expect that from such a young group and of course more important is the fact that the tunes are actually good as well. Besides that, L&S symfHoney have a very vibrant and colourful tune altogether. On some of the nice lover's tunes such as the opener 'Perfect Symphony', 'When The Sun Becomes The Moon' and others, L&S began to blur the lines the between Reggae, Pop and even Zouk at times, which becomes a prevailing vibes remaining present throughout the album.

While fans may have a difficult time categorizing L&S symfHoney's 'Out Of Many. . . One Sound' they should find enough here to enjoy. The album is one of the more interesting releases of 2009 thus far and it truly delivers on what the title suggest: a very unique and interesting sound throughout and a potentially special group to keep an eye on.

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Posted by Tiffy on 03.06.2010
I LOVE THESE SONGS! This work is admirable by itself. Considering that these songs are from a debut album is even more phenomenal! The lyrical content I find especially good easy to follow and unexpected in its composition. I love the sound that they have as well, a kind of a contemporary twist on the original reggae beats. I look forward to hearing more from this duo!

Posted by Ruddy on 03.07.2010
Was listening to these girls on the radio on the way back from Ontario last month. Their music is fantastic I tell you. Its good to finally read about them. ....sultra ;)

Posted by Carol on 03.11.2010
Just bought this album, really impressive stuff! Ijahman and Madge must be proud.

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