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Judgement Time by Chezidek

Judgement Time by Chezidek

Judgement Time by Chezidek

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Chezidek delivers what is certain to be one of the strongest albums of 2010


Chezidek is an artist who has undoubtedly experienced a rather large increase in his own status in Reggae music over the last couple of years or so. He has seemingly gone from a solid and very well respected singer, a categorization which he had enjoyed for years, into being one of the most in demand modern Roots Reggae artists that there is. The result, primarily, is that much more of Chezidek is seen and, of course more importantly, much more of the very interestingly voiced singer from St. Ann, Jamaica is heard.

The sound which is most present lately is that of his brand new album, 'Judgement Time'. The album comes via the result of the unification of two solid labels, both based in Holland, JahSolidRock and Not Easy At All Productions and while the argument can be made whether or not this release becomes Chezidek's most high profile to date, it is without a doubt, easily one of his finest, best written and wholly satisfying and thought provoking as well. Also, it should be said that with the two labels coming together to form the album, the music on 'Judgement Time' is absolutely stellar throughout as well.

While the finest moment on the album comes on the stellar Walk With Jah, which appeared on the recently released Collie Weed Riddim also from the same two labels, the class of 'Judgement Time' is virtually the entire album. The opener, Ganja Tree, is yet another tune in an ever-growing line, like Leave The Trees and the sweet Herbalist - Ganja tunes which prove that segment to be truly one of Chezidek's greatest strengths as an artist. And while the same can't exactly be said for the love song, what he does with the excellent In My Heart is not to be missed. Fans will also most certainly enjoy the album's two combinations, On The Move and JahSolidRock, which feature the legendary Dean 'Cannon' Fraser and JahSolidRock recording artist, Benaïssa, respectively. The balance of the album - Strong material such as Chant Dem, Live & Learn, the delightful Uplift Yourself and especially the closer Jah Love also keep the vibes and quality of 'Judgement Time' very high as well.

Also, as previously mentioned, the music here is so well done and it's expressed through the fact that six of the album's eleven tracks are 'version' pieces, where the riddim of the previous tune continues on to a wonderful effect and 'twist' on an album which really didn't need the help.

Chezidek's 'Judgement Time' is definitely one of his best releases to date and not only that, but with nearly half the year completed, it's also going to be hard to see this one not receiving 'album of the year' considerations come December.

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Posted by Nix on 05.11.2010
Totally agree. With Inna Di Road, Judgement Time is his best LP.

Posted by Cool Ruler on 05.13.2010
Bought the album on itunes.. Great album.. I think it's even better then I Grade, which was my favourite album before this one..

Posted by Rootsman on 05.16.2010
Just left a comment on the Ginjah album, That roots Radics are truly missed in the buiseness, but just listened to some tunes from Chezi's new album, and wow, what a sound.. Getting get authentic vibe listening to sum tunes.

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