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Perfect in San Francisco

Perfect in San Francisco

Perfect in San Francisco

By on - Photos by Jessica Dore - 1 comment

Perfect, who posts up at large capacity venues in all corners of the globe, stopped through San Francisco’s little Rockit Room last month for an intimate Tuesday night performance.


On May 13, Perfect stopped through San Francisco’s Rockit Room along a small west coast US tour which began in Arcata, California and will end in Portland, Oregon where he’ll wrap things up on a ticket with Wu-Tang’s Killah Priest.

Just as he’s seen sporting his fly red suspenders in the street dance scenes from videos like One Life, or in the more recent Rasta Dubplate footage, he was dressed fresh in the Bay-turban to toe. He glowed with every ounce of that spunky attitude he’s known for.

Running through a roster of tunes spanning selections from both full-length albums and singles since 2006 including Rasta Rebel, soul-reparation anthem 30 pieces, Absolute Blessings (every bit as powerful sans Sizzla’s part from the album), and the Rasta Dubplate single from his own Chalice Palace Muzic label, he also played his biggest tune to date, Handcart Bwoy and his latest heavy rotation ganja anthem I Smoked a Spliff.

A Perfect show is the perfect show for a Tuesday night, when you’re a little bit tired. (I grant myself one pun.) As promised, “like a tsunami,” Giddimani is unpredictably explosive. You’ll be fixing to rock back to a slow-tempo tune only to be blasted any moment by machine-gun vocals. (With a brilliantly, paradoxically peaceful message.) Your eyes’ll never tire because you’ll be busy watching Perfect’s hip-swiveling and side-to-side shuffling, like a point guard on a street dance team. If you don’t know the songs you won’t be bored; he’ll keep you in the conversation as he did with the Rockit Room during a slowed-down version of ganja tune Dem Lock Me Up (which you know didn’t stay slow for long).

And if you don’t know Perfect is all about the herb tunes, now you know; He said this week that just as he did in 2009 with 'French Connection' and 'Karma', he’s got two more albums in the works; one stacked from start to finish with ganja tunes.

“I’ve travelled all over the world,” exclaimed Perfect, (who, by the way, doesn’t really “say” things in the traditional sense; he must always exclaim them), “and California is my favorite place!”

Yeah, he did.

If you’re gonna call yourself Perfect, you’d better come correct with some serious talent and big tunes. Besides the obvious connotations, it grants an easy opportunity for uninspired critics to flex their puny pun-muscles with an unlimited number of ways to call out “imperfect” performances or albums. Fortunately for the five-foot and a few fury that is Perfect, he’s pretty on point with personality to boot. I couldn’t drop a lame “less-than-perfect” pun if I tried.

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Posted by Suelion on 06.03.2010
Such a talented individual and a perfectionist (we all make bad puns) in everything he does. Wish I could have been there; one of my very favorite artists.

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