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Meet Jah Turban!

Meet Jah Turban!

Meet Jah Turban!

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From Spanish Town to Denmark. Spanning the globe with a huge talent.


Jah Turban

Unlike several of its closest neighbours such as Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, Denmark isn’t exactly known as being a European hotbed for Reggae music and it never has been. This is so despite the fact that there has been a significant Danish Reggae artist, the late Natasja Saad, whose death in mid-2007 certainly affected the Reggae scene in Denmark, at least internationally. Thankfully, however, as one might imagine she may’ve hoped, the country’s fascination with the most beautiful music that Earth has to offer did not end with the passing of its brightest star. Instead there have been Danish artists such as Natasja’s good friend Karen Mukupa, Wendy Wonder and others who have furthered their names internationally and with them, the Danish Reggae scene, as well as a significant presence from outside artists. By far one of the most crucial and compelling of the non-Danish artists to have made it on that scene is also one of the most interesting as it is a Jamaican in the form of the wicked Spanish Town born Jah Turban who has not only made a name for himself amongst Reggae fans in Denmark, but is now starting to push his music globally as well.

It is a very straight forward and ‘no frills’ type of style and talent which has drawn comparisons from Jah Turban to another, more popular, native of Spanish Town, Lutan Fyah. However, where it seems that Turban manages to distinguish himself from the ever growing pack of talented modern Roots Reggae chanters is with his overall passion and obvious commitment to what he is saying. Jah TurbanThat is definitely not to say that you won’t find that amongst his peers - You most certainly will - However, in Jah Turban’s case, it appears to be the application of that passion and that commitment which is a great chunk of his central talent. This man not only clearly believes in what he sings, but what he sings appears to be a part of him.

From the outside looking in, this has worked for him greatly within Denmark’s Reggae scene as Jah Turban has appeared on releases and riddims from some of the biggest Danish Reggae labels. Earlier this year, his big herbalist tune, Pass Me The Ganja was on the stacked Alis Riddim from Juicy Halftone [which featured both Wendy Wonder and Karen Mukupa, as well as Jamaican veterans Mykal Rose and King Kong] and he’s also recorded for Danish labels such as Burton Records and even Food Palace Music, the label responsible for the big Colliemonster Riddim, which featured the likes of Reggae and Dancehall superstars Sizzla Kalonji, Turbulence and even Vybz Kartel.

Still, perhaps the biggest moment for Jah Turban has come via S.J.P. Records which not only birthed the hit tune Babylon Doom, but is also behind the project which is surely going to be introducing this fantastic artist to more and more fans worldwide, his debut EP set, ’Africa Is Our Home’. The release features six very strong selections - Besides the title track and the aforementioned Babylon Doom, there is Mystic of Jah, Show Some Love, My Empress and the dazzling Move Vampire.

Jah Turban - Africa is our HomeWhile Jamaican artists heading off to Europe to do the lion’s share of their work is certainly nothing new and is something which has been going on for decades at this point, it still seems rather odd than an artist as talented and current [in terms of his age] would not only head off to Europe, but end up in Denmark particularly. On the other hand, if the early returns on the quality of his music are any indication [and they are], apparently Jah Turban has made the proper choice and there’s nothing preventing him from branching out one day and not only working with the best European producers outside of Denmark, but home in the Caribbean as well, which would be a guaranteed joy to hear.

Regardless of where his travels are to likely to take Jah Turban, his musical journey will be very interesting to see [and hear] and particularly should he continue on working in Denmark. Natasja and others are evidence that the country can produce top flight Reggae talents. Jah Turban’s talent may just prove to be the greatest example that it can develop it and do so after Natasja said goodbye.

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Posted by amy gal on 01.28.2011
Me love da video.... is tight... keep it up...

Posted by mama on 03.04.2011
Puissant Jah TURBAN.

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