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Interview: Kayla G

Interview: Kayla G

Interview: Kayla G

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"I feel as though you can be male or female once you are given a talent use it to the best of your abilities"


We caught up with teenager Kayla Gordon, AKA DJ Kayla G, resident of Brooklyn New York who is also winner of Tiger Records first "Best mix contest", to get to know a little about her.

How did you start mixing? Because you have been quite active on youtube with your remixes.

DJ Kayla GI started mixing about 3 years ago. I really started collecting music which I picked up from my older brother. I decided it to take it a step further and begin DJing. I purchased some equipment at a low cost good enough for beginners. I didn't know anyone that was a DJ at the moment so I had to learn on my own. It wasn't easy and took some time but I'm glad that I took the time out to try it out. I make youtube videos to showcase how I've grown through out the years with my mixing. I began remixing a year after I began DJing. I'm may not be the best. But I like the response I'm getting.

Do you plan to continue music as a career?

Yes, I will soon start holding small parties with friends and playing school parties. I have joined a online radio where I am getting a good rep. I am also going to college in over a year so I can DJ making side money to support myself and see where it takes me.

Are you apart of a sound system?

No. I am on a solo movement.

How do you work (cd decks, vinyl, serato)?

I recently became a serato user and I am pleased to far.

How do you feel about being a girl in the middle, and do you think being a girl brings something different to the mix?

I feel as though I have to come a bit harder because this is a male dominated field. But truthfully I feel as though I am in the same lane as some of males in the DJ game. Sometimes does bring something different to the mix because people usually expect a male to be a DJ rather than a female so all I can do is blow their mind with this mixing. I feel as though you can be male or female once you are given a talent use it to the best of your abilities.

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