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Abyssinians' Satta Massagana reissue

Abyssinians' Satta Massagana reissue

Abyssinians' Satta Massagana reissue

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Jamaican trio cult debut album will be reissued on Heartbeat with four new extra tracks


Abyssinians - Satta Massagana (2007)If we made a top 10 of the best roots reggae albums, this original one will feature without any doubt ! Heartbeat label reissues for the second time " Satta Massagana " of The Abyssinians mythical trio. Besides 14 tracks of the first reissue, we found on this one four extra songs. Among them, the great Poor Jason White single in an extended mix.

21 years after the original release, this album is not outdated and immerse oneself in the universe of Manning brothers and Bernard Collins. Reviewing an album as good as this one is not an easy matter, for there is the overwhelming desire to talk about each and every song. Between Declaration Of Rights, The Good Lord and Know Jah Today, veterans messages are as powerful as the vocal harmonies and roots instrumentals. Y Mas Gan and Blackman Strain with wicked brass instruments, two tracks before Satta Massagana, the centerpiece of this album.

Recorded in 1969, this spiritual song with smooth melody met the success since his release. 'Satta Massagana' is an indispensable tune of the 70’ roots reggae period that established itself as a rasta hymn, setting the trio as a reference.

When The Abyssinians recorded it at Studio One, they wanted "to give thanks and praises unto God for his care and devotion to his people, and for his righteous judgement of the wicked" in Ethiopian. So they translated this bible Revelation 20.12 quote from English to Amharic in "Satta Massagana Ahamlack, Ulaghize". But this traduction was wrong, that’s why the trio returned in studio to record Yim Mas Gan in order to repare their mistake. But according to Blood & Fire booklet of 'Tree Of Satta' - a compilation composed of various versions on Satta Massagana riddim - the true expression in Amharic language to thank and praise unto god is "Misgana sittu". One day we’ll may listen to a third track titled Misgana Sittu. Time will tell…

The success of this album is due to the themes tackled in the image of African Race, a true history lesson, but also the magic of the trio's vocal harmonies and heavy roots music. After the four extra tracks of the 1993 reissue, Heartbeat chose to add Jerusalem, originally released in single in 1969 on Clinch Records that also features on the album 'Forward' - issued in 1982. Followed the dub version of Leggo Beast and the extended mix (vocal + dub) of Abendigo to majestically end with Poor Jason White. Released in 1971 in single on their own label Clinch Records, it’s the first time this one appears in extended mix on CD.

Almost 30 years after their creation, this classic cuts are still a real pleasure to listen, like The Abyssinians, real living roots reggae legends !

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