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Revolutionary Dub Vibrations (Chapter 3)

Revolutionary Dub Vibrations (Chapter 3)

Revolutionary Dub Vibrations (Chapter 3)

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A very interesting and enjoyable journey through the underground dub scene.


Of the handful of underground reggae & dub labels that work fully and positively for the artists Revolutionary Dub Vibrations has steadfastly stuck to it’s principles of showcasing the multi national underground dub movement by releasing free dub albums featuring their works with many of the dub makers and producers that appear on these V/A albums being recognised by the arena as foundation artists, respected and referenced by new and younger upcoming producers. Revolution Dub Vibrations Chapter 3Today’s dub movement is more than ever a family of musicians with many artists in regular collaboration and with some linking up via the internet and physically by travelling around their countries and states to participate in studio workshops and to play in collaboration at ‘gatherings’. For many of these artists financial profit is not expected from their works and what with the mp3 online download stores at saturation point with millions of underground and unsigned artists tunes available to purchase - and with not many Joe Public’s purchasing – income from the underground is a rare luxury, yet the free download market is big business, not only enabling the artists to gain wider recognition in profile and to firmly stamp their sound into the arena it also gains popularity for the label that releases the  album with a large majority of the artists appearing helping to publicise the release on their own community website pages and personal websites, an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to promotion and, it works. The underground reggae and dub scene has firmly planted its flag pon the summit of musical respectability and during the past three years has gained momentum with new fans and young producers appearing almost every day across the dozens of reggae and dub community sites out there in web land.

This ‘third chapter’ dub showcase features 22 tracks of variant dub styles and recording techniques from a variety of different studios and equipment set ups, from the humble bedroom studio through to the pro ‘we got everything’ studio, it’s what these producers create with the equipment they have at their disposal that excites the dub fan and with the pedigree of artists appearing such as Jah Billah, Anti Bypass, Iditafari Family, Don Fe (Who mastered the album), Steve Steppa, Digikal Roots, Bandulu Dub, El Bib (founder of RDV label) and Early Worm with perhaps by contrast lesser known artists such as R Dug, Ital and Vital, Dubology and Malone Rootikal appearing here to stamp their identity onto the arena.

Notable omissions from this third chapter; both foundation artists Yabass and The Manor don’t appear neither do the younger upcoming dub surrealists Albusark Studios and Denja.

The quality of creations here on offer is outstanding for example Canada’s Early Worm with their mysterious Orbit The Lion with it’s highly infectious trademark bass work and mixing style. UK’s Digikal Roots with his ‘impact label’ style sound featuring Ranking Joe and Dubmatix Jah Praises Dub a full on foot moving skank. France’s Anti Bypass with their Sexy Boy In Dub a blend of old time King Tubby with an 80s dancehall sentiment tailor made for deejay’s and Germany’s Iditafari Family and their classic dub sound that is Freedom Dub which is about as close to ‘that’ sound, that feeling of ‘from time’ that one can get to. There’s more of course to which you’ll discover yourselves if you download this free compilation. A very interesting and enjoyable journey through the underground dub scene.

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Posted by mystical warrior on 05.14.2011
Very dissapointed Mystical Warrior did not get a mention, even though he has appeared on 2 out of 3 of these compilations and has promoted each of these productions to the fulless, not looking for status just looking for credit where credit is due, working hard to help and promote this kind of underground roots music to the masses in this unforgiving and bias society.

Posted by dub-connection on 05.26.2011
Revolutionary dub vibrations (chapter three) is also available on dub-connection.
Without any waiting time.

Posted by ras bruno on 03.08.2015
All info on all releases and download links @ Dub Vibration place

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