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Bebo Phillips, Bebo in a Dub Style review

Bebo Phillips, Bebo in a Dub Style review

Bebo Phillips, Bebo in a Dub Style review

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Tafari Records releases for first time on CD, classic dub album by producer Beswick 'Bebo' Phillips.


Bebo In a dub style dubWith the release of 'Bebo in a Dub Style' produced by Bebo Phillips and Clive Jarrett, Tafari Records has decided to emphasize on Bebo Phillips' work, producer of Al Campbell's album 'Bad Boy', Carlton Livingtson's albums 'Soweto' and 'Rumours' to name a few.

Recorded in Channel One Studios and mixed by Peter Chemist, this disc originally released in 1985 features dubs without sound effects backed by genius musicians.

The 12 tracks included in this set are backed by the Riddim Twins aka Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare.

The mythic duet is notably accompanied by David Madden on trumpet and Nambo Robinson on trombone on ‘Breached’, great percussionists Scully Simms, Sticky and Sky Juice on 'Hot Stuff' and 'Silence Is Golden' and melodic rhythmic guitar of Willie Lindo. Not surprisingly, considering the era, the most predominant instruments are the double bass and keyboard of Robbie Shakespeare and Robert Lynn. But both rely on unmatchable drummer Sly Dunbar's skill.

Here’s a great reissue - but without bonus tracks - which will delight smooth riddim’ lovers.

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