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Modern Rockers Vol. 1 by Joggo

Modern Rockers Vol. 1 by Joggo

Modern Rockers Vol. 1 by Joggo

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Joggo adds his star to the lights of Dutch & Surinamese Reggae


It seems to be occurring more and more - A new and interesting name on the Dutch Reggae scene will give the world a reason to pay a greater level of attention to the country which has been literally brimming with big vibes for the past few years. The latest addition to attempt to make his name to the rest of the world from an already very impressive pack currently headlined by the awesome Ziggi Recado and featuring the likes of Joggo - Modern Rockers Vol 1Maikal X and Smiley is an artist who may very well prove to bring a similar level of attention to the country of his heritage as Joggo manages to create a project of which Suriname Reggae fans can be proud, with his debut album 'Modern Rockers Vol. 1'.

As the title of the album [which is produced by Dutch-Surinamese label, Dredda Records] would suggest, this is an project which is much like Joggo himself - geared towards a more old school approach of making Reggae. Such a tune, directly speaking, gets the album up and going, DJ Play Me Some Roots. This song is sure to gain an audience amongst the multitude of like-minded fans, who long, like Joggo, for an era of Reggae which has now passed. Also, it should be said that it's one of the finest written selections on the whole of the album and it sets a lyrical tone, as far as quality, which is maintained throughout the project.

The song on the album which is likely to garner the 'lion's share' [pun intended] of concentration from fans is the stirring Strong Like Lion, which features Joggo alongside Jamaican star, Turbulence, as well as Jah Decko, who is the album's producer. Anytime you can find you Turbulence at or near the top of his game, you have a guaranteed big tune and he impresses to no end on the track.

"Yow, dem seh Zion is a state of mind, I'm not saying they're wrong
But I know there is a place where my people belong
Ethiopia awaits The Conquering Lion
Hey Dredda Youths come sing Rasta's song"

-Turbulence from Strong Like Lion

The album's other combination, I Am Blessed, is one of several strong love songs which are to be found throughout 'Modern Rockers Vol. 1'. The tune features another Dutch artist, Mr. Patze and is a very upful and excellent vibes. The same could be said for the previously heard Strong Black Woman, which is the only none Dredda produced track on the album - This one chiming in on the Paradise Riddim from the boiling Dutch label pairing of JahSolidRock and Not Easy At All. Also present are strong lover's sets Love You Like No Other and the powerful You Don't Know, the latter of which is simply a different level of music from your standard type of track and it finds Joggo urging more application of love in the prevailing sense, rather than 'merely' for the sake of a lasting relationship. The tune also finds the artist delivering one of the greatest lines of the entire album -

"When things badder, you haffi think twice

Still, it's difficult to not find the album's closer, I Wonder, to be the real class of the love song on the album. From beginning to end it is just a stunning piece of romantic Reggae music.

The entire album reaches its peak in a somewhat unusual manner as in the midst of wholly more potentially identifiable material such as the captivating Peace & Love, the previous heavy antiviolence single, Gundown, and the very Steel Pulse-esque and historical, Jah Jah Nevah [all of which make up some of the biggest moments to be found here] - Is the somewhat unassuming, but entirely MASSIVE I & I Know. On a very easy and laid back tune, Joggo manages to run the listener through a musical gamut of emotions which is nearly flawless!

Really the only critique to be made for the album, as a whole, is that it only contains eleven tracks. However, should this one prove to do well, perhaps the proverbial gates may open and the rest of the world can get a taste of the works of names such as Kenny B, Koyeba, Little Guerrier and others doing big vibes for Surinamese Reggae. So, while the wish is that there was more of this one, what is present is mighty work and perhaps a bit forward-reaching as well - 'modern rockers' indeed.

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