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Interview: Queen Omega

Interview: Queen Omega

Interview: Queen Omega

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"My upcoming album shows places where I haven't been before"


Queen Omega

Queen Omega advocates culture to the people

Queen Omega is a singjay hailing from the Caribbean islands of Trinidad & Tobago. She has put out five albums and a sixth on the way. United Reggae met her backstage at two in the morning after her performance at Swedish reggae festival Öland Roots.

She hails from Trinidad & Tobago’s second largest city San Fernando, located on the southwestern part of Trinidad. It’s a city known to be the country’s industrial capital.

She was raised in a musical family and grew up listening to soul artists like Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker and Whitney Houston, as well as jazz and the traditional music of Trinidad. At the age of nine she began entering local talent shows.

She was later drawn to Rastafari and started writing lyrics with roots and reality themes.

Queen Omega albums

Her self-titled debut album was recorded in London with producer Mickey D and released in 2001. It was followed by 'Pure Love' in 2003 and 'Away From Babylon' in 2004.

On her fourth album – 'Destiny' – she began working with French producers Bost & Bim. Together they developed her vocal technique further switching to a more singjay oriented approach.

'Destiny' was released in 2005 and she has since then put out 'Servant of Jah Army', yet another strong album effort. She has also dropped lots of strong singles, mainly for European producers and labels.

Toured the world

During the years Queen Omega has toured the world, and has visited Europe many times.

“It is great to be here. It’s my second time in Sweden. Last time was a festival as well. This time I’m going in and out,” she says.

Queen Omega sits in a sofa backstage after her well-attended performance at Öland Roots. It’s two in the morning and she’s going back to Trinidad in a matter of hours.

The reggae scene in Trinidad & Tobago

Queen OmegaWe begin talking about the reggae scene in her homeland.

“The reggae scene in Trinidad & Tobago is growing,” she explains, and continues:

“But we need to work on the industry. There are no proper labels, no infrastructure. We need money, investors, promotion. The usual stuff,” she laughs.

There are certainly some great reggae artists coming from Trinidad & Tobago. But not many are well-known. Queen Omega mentions artists such as Jah Melody, Marlon Asher and Million Voice.

Dancehall is taking over

Queen Omega is concerned that dancehall is taking over.

“The radio is pushing dancehall. They’re pushing it to the people. But people love culture. Trinidad loves culture,” she says, and adds:

“Dancehall has some positive and some negative sides. But it’s the same over and over – having money, being rich. But everybody is irie, there’s no fighting among one and other.”

New album on the way

During her long career she has worked a lot with European producers. She explains why.

“I like Europe. Europe loves culture. I’ll never stop coming here. It’s natural to come here. There’s a request for Queen Omega,” she explains, and reveals her upcoming plans:

“I’m working on a new album right now. I only need a few more tracks. It’s produced by High Fly Music out of France and is on a higher level. It shows places where I haven’t been before. I’ll tell you about the I. It’s a product for the people.”

Mark Wonder reveals upcoming project

Mark WonderDuring the interview Jamaican singer Mark Wonder sits beside Queen Omega. He has also performed at Öland Roots.

He has been rather silent during our chat. I ask him about his upcoming projects.

“I’ve recorded an album with Oneness out of Germany. It’s finishing right now and I’m working on getting the thing together,” he reveals.

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Posted by Ras Siwattu on 08.14.2011
Greetins Ones & Ones Hail up Queen Omega love & Raspect De I works nuff Guideyance an Itection Qadamawi Hayle Sellassie Empress Mennen keep De I pan traddins.
Buruk Fiqir RasTaFari......

Posted by Ras Gideon on 08.16.2011
Rastafari Guide and Protect Ones & Ones. Ises Queen Omega and stay natural all de iwa. Blessing from South Afrika, Azania. Selah

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