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The Upsessions - Below The Belt

The Upsessions - Below The Belt

The Upsessions - Below The Belt

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An enjoyable ride on some refreshed early reggae sounds.


These self confessed, track suit wearing, rude boys from Holland are back with their third album that contains yet more ska and rocksteady infused grooves that follow on from where 2009s 'Beat You Reggae' left off with some, at times, crazy lyrics and most importantly that infectious upbeat feel.

The Upsessions - Below The BeltThe album opens with a shoot out on Mocca Cowboy Rides Again and ends with a Gunfight On The Westbank Of The Mississippi and despite a similar theme in their titles the two songs couldn’t be more different with the later being something of a brooding instrumental, with sombre trombone while the album opener is bright and vivacious with big spaghetti western style horn arrangements. Sandwiched in between is some traditional sounding ska of Oh Cinnamon and Lucile, the rocksteady breeze of Ease Up, Adina and Cool & Deadly plus the funky reggae aspirations of Prince Naseem and the album title track Below The Belt amongst others.

Vocalist Boss van Trigt is not the strongest, but he has improved since their previous outing but still works best when he’s going for a DJ style that has just an inkling of I-Roy about it.

This album offers nothing that hasn’t been heard before, but that said with its mix of styles and elements of fun from a band that doesn’t take its self too seriously it makes for an enjoyable ride on some refreshed early reggae sounds.

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