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J Boog - Backyard Boogie

J Boog - Backyard Boogie

J Boog - Backyard Boogie

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Flaming soulful singer does as expected and delivers in a big way.


J Boog - Backyard BoogieFew names in Reggae music, on any level, have attracted more attention or been on better musical streaks recently than the impressive California born crooner, J Boog. His burgeoning popularity has become very interesting as, not only has he managed to attract more 'mainstream' eyes and ears, he's also experienced a surge amongst the more typical Reggae faithful and hardcore fans and music makers. Besides, obviously, having pretty good management, J Boog's booming might be traced to the fact that he has made some very strong music over the past year or two and, at a nearly perfect time, he delivers his sophomore studio album [following 2007's 'Hear Me Roar'], the much anticipated 'Backyard Boogie' for the Hawaiian based Wash House Music.

This album is really really good.

Casually, it is perhaps to be known, mostly, as "that album with 'Let's Do It Again' on it" as the huge future classic Don Corleon produced tune is not only present but is also, unsurprisingly, the project's finest moment. However, with that being said, as previously mentioned, J Boog has been on a great roll as of late and that continues throughout the whole of this boogie. On a similar note to the album's major hit are other romantic winners such as the infectious She Give Me Lovin, which features Reggae star Tarrus Riley, previous single Sunshine Girl alongside Peetah Morgan [and produced by the Morgans as well] and the very smooth Shane Brown helmed Let Me Know. All three would, presumably, do a significant amount of damage if afforded the opportunity, as would the very strong and hard to shake out of one's brain Replay. That song links Boog with the also constantly impressing and supremely talented Swede, Million Stylez.

J Boog also shows a bit of diversity and flexibility within his skills as well. Although he has made his name as [and will likely always be known as] a Lover's Rock singer and it is his dominant strength, he does switch things up and offer listeners a few twists and turns throughout 'Backyard Boogie'. Almost surely the musical zigzag which will grab the most attention is Hawaiian Pakalolo on which J Boog blazes with Jah Maoli [who apparently originated the tune] and Spawnbreezie. The song rides the Taxi Riddim and has proven to be an early favourite from the album. Also check the sterling opener, Give Thanks and Watch & Learn with Jacob Hemphill from the band SOJA - Two very non Lover's Rock and more Reggae-centric compositions - dealing with social, cultural and spiritual topics. Later on, J Boog sets fire again with the mighty Wolves and Let It Blaze, another very impressive ganja tune.

The entire set is very well done. It also shouldn't go without be said that 'Backyard Boogie' is one of the best sounding albums of the year. The sonic appeal of the album is very impressive and when you fuse over that the excellent vibe coming from the project, the prevailing feel is that J Boog and company really realized and appreciated the magnitude of what they were doing. The results amongst fans have already shown as, reportedly, the album is doing very well commercially and the musical results were expected as well: Very well done and one of 2011's best.

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