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Denja - Vampire Slayer

Denja - Vampire Slayer

Denja - Vampire Slayer

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One of the most obscure albums I have heard in a very, very long time.


The second album from the little known Canadian artist Denja is probably one of the most obscure albums I have heard in a very, very long time.

‘Vampire Slayer’ takes traditional dub style leanings and throws into the mix some country and folk styling to create something that verges on the unique in a world that seems to becoming more and more dominated by dub-by-numbers offerings.

Denja - Vampire SlayerIt is a very contradictory album in that it’s minimalist, yet with every listen I seem to hear something new, it’s not full of bass heavy reverberation but is deep in other senses, its short, with many songs under two minutes, but seems longer and despite all the talk of dub its not a true dub album as many of the tracks feature vocals that are more spoken rather than sung and No Fear Of Death, On A Bench, All That Glitters and Stake Through The Heart are played on acoustic guitar accompanied in parts by some rather erratic percussion.

Its an album that is very idiosyncratic yet very atmospheric and contains many elements of Perry, not classic Ark period that most try to emulate but more on a par with what he was doing just a few years ago. Just the title evokes thoughts of Perry, but is this his take on vampires or more as the cover would suggest just comic book horror….I just can’t tell.

It’s an album that dares to be different and as such will bemuse as much as it will amuse. It has many flaws yet still somehow begs to be listened to more and as a reviewer I find it most infuriating that I struggle to explain it. It would be easy for me to dismiss it but if you go into it with an open and adventurous mind you may find something amongst its almost shamanic qualities that you can take from it.

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