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Report and Interview: KEHV in Hollywood

Report and Interview: KEHV in Hollywood

Report and Interview: KEHV in Hollywood

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A moment with KEHV at Whateva Works, Hollywood, Florida.



“Rain rain go away- come back another day” Was definitely the mantra for all attendees on Friday October 7, 2011. Heading out on a night like this seemed like a crazy idea, however, the downpour did not dampen anyone’s spirit inside Hollywood’s best kept secret “Tempo’s Music Lounge”.

Whateva’ Works is a community based organization which focuses on both businesses and independent artists’ development and part proceeds is always donated to charity which shows they are focused on giving back; which is a plus! Being that it was the first Friday of the month - Whateva’ Works hosted a beautiful open mic night which promised to “bring fresh flavor in a cultural way.”

“That’s what’s up!” was the phrase for the night as the energetic MC Melissa Capo brought on stage budding new talent from all facets of the entertainment world. We were all fully entertained with hip-hop from Kalcium, Big Fiz, Mareezy, and City P. Spoken word poetry flowed like rivers from Donna Gia Levasseur, Jeremy Cotto, Maru Gonzalez and Damali. Lovely singing from Binghi Blaze, Lucky and Jocelyn Pena and lots of laughs from comedians Nigel Alvarez and Ozzie the Showman which was the perfect warm-up for the main performer for the night - KEHV.

For those of you who haven't gotten the opportunity to discover Kehv yet, you missed out on a real treat. Born in Jamaica, Kehv started singing in the choir at the age of 10 years old. Realizing his love for singing he decided to pursue music as a career. He has gone on tour to countries like Brazil and Germany, worked with Kymani Marley and Wyclef Jean. Also he has shared the stage with Inner Circle, Beenie Man, Shaggy and Sean Kingston to name a few. Now dubbed as the “Prince of Reggae Soul” it is very easy to see why he is compared to such greats as Maxi Priest and Beres Hammond.

KehvDressed casually in jeans and red t-shirt with his dreads tucked under a Fedora hat, Kehv took a seat with his guitar and started playing an acoustic set for his audience.

Describing himself as a “Caribbean Sol-Jah” he told us about his music career being a long journey for him - he said that Bob Marley is a major inspiration for him, Kehv joked with the crowd, “Vibe with me tonight, I am NOT Stephen - work with me” as he went into his rendition of Stephen Marley’s “Tight Ship” Requests for his song “Masquerade” followed.

The tempo was picked up as a bluesy reggae song called “Addict of You” was sung, the people clapped with the rhythm of the guitar and sang along “Fyah!” with the chorus. He then requested that we light up with some lighters or cell phones and serenaded the crowd with “Love will find a way”. Taking his hat off, he opened up to us and explained that the song “Never Too Far” was a song that he wrote when he has lost his mother. “Mama, don't worry ‘bout me, everything’s going to be okay” although it was an emotional moment for him to sing this particular song. Smiling, he thanked everyone for coming to see his performance.

All in all, it was a wonderful night with people full of promise. Whateva' Works holds an open mic night every first and third Friday night every month so if this is in your area - be sure to check it out.

After the show we caught up with Kehv and he was kind enough to answer a few questions.

Tell me about the moment you knew that you wanted to pursue music? What makes it worth it?

I cannot truly recall a time in my life without this fermented pursuit I still have in my being for getting to know music better. Changing lives make this journey worth it. Bringing the project to the masses and seeing, feeling and experiencing the music come to life in the hearts of the audience, more than words.

How does it feel to be compared to such great artists as Maxi Priest and Beres Hammond?

I could only be humbled by such a comparison. These artist have done what I'm in the process of doing and still today taking it to higher heights. I do however, strive to make the essence I bring to the music felt enough to stand apart from those I might be compared to.

What inspires you when writing music?

Life inspires me. My life, your life, the life of the misunderstood, etc.. People need to be represented

Is there an artist that influenced you the most?

I cannot say that one artist more than the next influences me. I would say good music moves me period.

Whats the most fun part of being a musician?

I love the travelling, though it may get tough on the road, I love to see new faces and places.

Is there a particular message you were hoping to convey when "Simply Kehv" came into creation?

Simply KehvI wanted to introduce myself to the masses simply as KEHV. Give people a taste of where I've been and where I was musically, at the time of the album drop.

What is your biggest challenge in the music industry?

The biggest challenge is finding honesty in the ones I meet along the way. I find that many only tell me what they think I want to hear to get what they want.. A harsh reality to wake up to everyday but it's sobering despite the bitter sting.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

Find your Why. The reason why you sing, dance, act, paint etc... And never let that go.

Is there any artists that you would like to do a collaboration with? Why?

Etana, I believe our music would be beautiful together. Stephen Marley- I sense we may have lots in common. Jennifer Hudson- Very passionate voice. Jimmy Cliff- I love his vibes. Just to name a few.

Tell us about any plans for the future.

I'm currently working on my second album, Lots of music being made right now as I sang maybe one tune for you that night "Addict of you" It's all about the music right now for me. More shows and appearances but definitely fine tuning my craft preparing for the next level.


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