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Interview: I-Wayne (2011)

Interview: I-Wayne (2011)

Interview: I-Wayne (2011)

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"It's about sharing life and sharing knowledge"



I-Wayne is a messenger of life

I-Wayne is one of the top conscious reggae artists with hits such as Can’t Satisfy Her and Lava Ground. On his latest album 'Life Teachings' he sings about the positive and negative aspects of life – declaring love for women with an ital lifestyle and rails against violence and consumerism. United Reggae got to talk with I-Wayne about his favorite subject – life.

I-Wayne is a singer blessed with an instantly recognizable voice. His high tone is graceful, yet strong. This trademark has rendered him several hits and three albums for VP Records.

I-Wayne grew up with music around him. He was raised with his aunt and her husband was a musician. Since his early days in school he always found ways to practice his talent.

“I was beating on the desk in school, beating on the phone booth on my way to school. I love this thing,” he says on the phone from Jamaica.

Bringing a positive vibe

I-Wayne - Life Teachings'Lava Ground', 'Book of Life' and 'Life Teachings' are all mainly based in the roots reggae tradition. Same goes for his lyrics. On his three albums he deals with the same themes – bringing a positive vibe and share life’s joy’s and messages.

“There is a preference for nastiness. Positive artists don’t get their fair attention,” he states in the press release prior to 'Life Teachings'.

I-Wayne speaks in a low voice. He almost whispers, and turns out to be a man of few words. And he always comes back to issues surrounding life.

“The album has a great mood, a light mood. When we went to the studio it was an irie vibe,” he explains.

According to I-Wayne 'Life Teachings' is much like its predecessor 'Book of Life'.

“It’s about sharing life and sharing knowledge. Sharing something with the world. It’s about life itself. No slackness,” he says.

“Slackness is not going to take over”

I-Wayne’s lyrics are frank and he doesn’t hide that he dislikes slackness; or nastiness as he likes to put it. Being open with your opinions isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t seem to stop I-Wayne from sharing his ideas with the world.

I-Wayne“I never get scared. If it’s something good you can’t stop it. Slackness is not going to take over. Just give it a little time,” he says, and adds:

“I could never sing slack lyrics, because that’s not me. I’m working for life. I’m not leading the youths astray. I wouldn’t bother with it. I’m promoting life. Not the nastiness.”

He blames the radio stations for the strong interest in singing about guns, sex and material aspects of life.

“They play slackness more, but there is positive music,” he explains, and adds:

“A lot of people get a lot of money from people to promote nastiness. They are leading them astray.”

Prisoner of life

I-Wayne on the other hand wants to teach the youths about life, especially about positivity.

“It’s all about doing the right thing, despite the negativity. I’m a prisoner of life. Love is life and life is love. You have to show respect for life and put life first,” he says, and concludes:

“More life”.

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Posted by Noteasy2saytruth4fearofpersecution. on 05.29.2012
I agree with what Iwanye says about many topics! I thought I loved Soca until I got a boyfriend who loved it more than me, he made me hate it more than I can imagine now. It is not easy to tell the truth and Iwayne is right all the way. The devil uses Soca to ruin families, relationships and tEKK fathers and mothers further away from there kids. Soca Music is DEBAUCHERY ACCEPT IT. Love you Iwayne for saying the truth.

Posted by EmpressGem on 06.10.2013
@Noteasy2say... My story is exactly the same as yours. I agree Soca is full of DEBAUCHERY. They claim there is no violence such as gun shot at the fete!, but! The silent killer here is the fact that the Soca does not unite families, it separates them. The dance in it's self is disgusting and piggish! Dem fool wa say "Those who don't have soca in their lives are miserable" Chooopppseee... Dem pigs lay wit pigs, deh dutty and have the nerve speak Jah's name in vain. Reggae, conscious reggae is a beautiful inspirational thing. You can bring your children around it without fear of them hearing nasty tings.

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