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Embrace The Positive

Embrace The Positive

Embrace The Positive

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Born Free Records presented this event in Delray Beach, Florida on December 18th 2011 with Mamadee, KEHV, Cen'C Love and more.

It was a balmy winter evening on December 18, 2011 in Delray Beach as we stepped into Pineapple Groove for “Embrace The Positive” featuring Mamadee hosted by Bornfree records. Lance-O and the Kulcha Shok crew had it on lock playing conscious reggae music making sure the vibes were set before the show was to start.

Delray Beach’s own Jerry “Screamin’ Demon” Leeman came on stage to warm the people up with the blues. Singing songs like Feels Like Rain and a cover of Marvin Gaye’s Mercy Mercy Me had the people singing along with him.

Tonight was the night for Bornfree Records to showcase their roster of artists. We were all in for a treat as KEHV premiered his video for Love Will Find A Way and we were immediately transfixed. KEHV “The Prince of reggae soul” serenaded us with acoustic versions of his songs Conscious Farmer and Caribbean Souljah amongst others.

Cen'C LoveAspiring artists Aima Moses and Adam “The Teacher” Barnes were followed by Bunny Wailer’s children. Cen’C Love and her brother Asad took the stage. Cen’C who’s voice is very reminiscent of an Erica Badu with a pinch of Jamaican seasoning reminded us all that tonight was a night of love and peace as she sang of the empowerment of women with her song Casanova. We were reminded once again of the importance of inner beauty and self confidence with a powerful accapella version of her song These Lies.

Kevens with his eclectic synergy of drum and bass, reggae and rock was up next, he took control his song Take Control suggested; and had everyone in pineapple groove with their hands in the air grooving along with the music. During the finale of Put Your Hands Up, guitarist Ronny Gutierrez and drummer Joe Fagan took it as their time to shine jamming with energetic guitar riffs and drum rolls that had the crowd whistling and screaming.

This energy carried on as The Resolvers took the stage with the intention to keep this party going. Ojay and Sahara Smith made their presence felt with their strong voices alongside a blaring horn section and heavy ska/ reggae influence they sang tunes such as Soulfire and Special Delivery that had the crowd dancing the night away.

Finally the time had arrived for Germany’s Mamadee to take the stage! For those of you who aren’t sure who this wonderful artist is - let me give you a quick lesson... Mamadee was born in East Germany to a German mother and a African father while growing up she always had a vision to pursue a career in music - in 2002 she became one of the feature background vocalist for German international reggae sensation Gentleman - Since then she has toured internationally and now she was here in South Florida!

Opening up her set with brand new single Beautiful Soul the theme of love and light and optimism was cemented. Before performing her song Good Days she gave a warm smile and thanked everyone for coming out and embracing the positive. The aura that Mamadee carries with her enveloped the entire room and it was obvious that she came to pineapple groove to spread the message that she very clearly wishes to express - the unity and one perfect love for one another.

Patrons could see that performing Hope was joyous for her as she clapped her hands along with the people in the club. Strutting the stage as she sang and pumping her fist along with the drumbeat showed that she was really enjoying herself on stage and performing for the people of South Florida.

An historic moment occured half way through the show as she asked the people to “give it up ” for Conrad Eric Glaze, otherwise known as Bornfree. He took the stage, the connection between the both of them was one of true love and you could tell there was compassion with the mixture of his spoken words and her sultry singing as they delivered their collaboration Who I Am for the first time.

Africa Is Calling was a proud performance for Mamadee, you could tell this was her homage to her african roots - moving her arms and hands fluidly and swaying her body to the rhythm singing from the heart as she closed the show.

In conclusion, “Embrace The Positive” did exactly what it set out to do. There was a tremendous show of talent and positivity which Bornfree Records represent. We all left the venue with a loving energy and positive vibration that could not be denied.


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