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Dancehall: The Best Twenty Riddims and Five Tracks of 2011

Dancehall: The Best Twenty Riddims and Five Tracks of 2011

Dancehall: The Best Twenty Riddims and Five Tracks of 2011

By on - 8 comments

Exciting year for dancehall.

2011 has been an interesting year for dancehall (what year isn’t). Many significant events have occurred which have left the world wondering what is in store for the genre in 2012.

Who is going to step up and take the crown for Dancehall King now that Vybz Kartel is currently otherwise occupied? Is it really going to be Popcaan, or are some of the older veterans going to push their way back in? Assassin aka Agent Sasco has consistently been the best deejay on the riddims he has voiced - what about him? In fact, is Jamaica still leading dancehall? Who and where do we look to now for the dancehall sound?

In light of all of this, as people’s eyes turn to the rest of the world for dancehall, it’s important to note the fantastic tracks that have been released over the past year. Riddims such as Overproof and Adde ProductionsSummertime have been getting significant amount of plays.

This current list is not just based on the amount of plays, downloads, or forwards the tracks have been getting throughout 2011, but also a chance to mark the lesser recognised - but with just the same amount of quality - riddims that were released throughout Jamaica and Europe.


Stylo G – Call Mi A Yardie
Stylo GStylo G made a real mark on the UK dancehall scene this spring with Call Mi A Yardie. Produced by his brother Kody (an ex-member of UK funky outfit Crazy Cousins), it has also potentially been one of the most re-mixed tracks of the year.

Vybz Kartel – Go Go Wine
Vybz KartelEven though he’s currently incarcerated, it’s important not to overlook the amount of quality tunes that Kartel has released over 2011. June saw the release of his album Kingston Story on Mixpak Records. Go Go Wine is one the most widely played songs from the album.

Popcaan – Clean
PopcaanKartel’s protégée is tipped to be the next big deejay in dancehall. His track, Clean, on Snap Back riddim (TJ records) has been getting plenty of plays, wheels, forwards, backwards and whatever else comes in between.

Terro 3000 – Haters
Terro 3000Up and coming Jamaican deejay brings us his own take of the Ward 21’s classic track, Haters. Even though this track has not reached as widely as the others included in the list, Terro 3000 is certainly one to look out for.

Cham – Wine Pon Di Buddy
ChamBest known for his 2006 hit Ghetto Story, Cham brings us this raw and very catchy track. Released late into 2011, this is sure to be played far into 2012.


In no particular order, here are twenty of the best dancehall riddims from 2011.

Riddim: Ninety
Produced by: Kubiyashi Prod
Cuts to check out: Kenyatta - Clarks, Konshens ft Fadda Fox – Life and Death

Riddim: Pepper
Produced by: Di Genius
Cuts to check out: Agent Sasco – Nothing At All, Mavado – Pepper

Riddim: Bar Mitzvah
Produced by: Skatta Productions
Cuts to check out: Bounty Killer – Wine Fi Di General, Chino – Fi Di Gyal Dem

Riddim: Star A Star
Produced by: TJ Records
Cuts to check out: Assassin – Dem Fear We, Lady Saw – Wife a Wife

Riddim: White Label
Produced by: Equinoxx
Cuts to check out: Spice – Fix Me, Kemikal – Hey Girl

Riddim: Matrimony
Produced by: Washroom Entertainment
Cuts to check out: Assassin – Yuh A Wife, Lady Saw – Matrimony

Riddim: Blaze Fia
Produced by: Dutty Rock Music
Cuts to check out: Assassin – We Love Di Gal Dem, Elephant Man – Turn Mi On

Riddim: ?Question It
Produced by: Truckback Records
Cuts to check out: Red Rat – Red People, Lady Saw – Caan Do Mi Up

Riddim: Hotta Clapz
Produced by: DJ Frass Productions
Cuts to check out: Assassin – Cruise & Go Round Dem, Spragga Benz – Come Home

Riddim: Contra
Produced by: ZJ Chrome
Cuts to check out: Vybz Kartel – Sex & The City, Mavado – Do Road

Riddim: Summertime
Produced by: Adde Productions
Cuts to check out: Vybz Kartel – Summertime, Popcaan – Ravin’

Riddim: Mad Organ
Produced by: Curtis Lynch (Necessary Mayhem)
Cuts to check out: Maxi Priest & Tippa Irie – Like This Like That, Million Stylez – Milli Swagga

Riddim: Barb Wire
Produced by: Q45 Productions
Cuts to check out: Mr Vegas – Certain Law, Assassin – Profile Pic

Riddim: Summer Fling
Produced by: Chimney Records
Cuts to check out: Mavado – Final Destination, Tarrus Riley – Summer Fling

Riddim: Firewire
Produced by: Lockecity Entertainment
Cuts to check out: Sizzla – Launch Out, Major Mackrel – More Gal A Road

Riddim: Spot Check
Produced by: Wundah Productions
Cuts to check out: Stylo G – My Style, G Starr – Spot Check

Riddim: Overproof
Produced by: JA Productions
Cuts to check out: Mavado –Settle Down, Daniel Beddingfield – Sometimes You Just Know

Riddim: Big Dog
Produced by: Boardhouse Records
Cuts to check out: Assassin – Dem Bad In A Gang, Lady Ali – New Style

Riddim: 12 to 12
Produced by: Christopher Birch and DJ Smurf
Cuts to check out: Konshens – From 12 to 12, Agent Sasco – Wi Bazzle

Riddim: Beat Box
Produced by: Jam 2 Productions
Cuts to check out: Cecile – I’m So Fly, Lady Saw – Better Off

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Read comments (8)

Posted by Massive P on 12.30.2011
Yo taste sucks big time. your top 5 tunes are all whack & most of your picks for the best riddims are all weak & boring.

Posted by BorinkenRockers on 12.31.2011
The Best Songs are not even listed! And not one of the Best Riddims are listed is all Dancehall and no Roots, how about Antique Riddim, Think Twice Riddim, Stringz Riddim, Daylight Riddim, Times Square Riddim, Island Vibes Riddim and many more!!

Posted by Fiji on 12.31.2011
As the title suggest, this is an article about dancehall not about roots.

Posted by xavier on 01.01.2012
Yes dancehall no roots Borinkenrockers, and Massive P, what's happen make your suggestion :)

Posted by Elena on 01.02.2012
Its a top DANCEHALL of 2011... Borinkenrockers maybe you should try to read and comprend before you type! and Massive P - just out of curiousity, what DANCEHALL riddim do you feel has been overlooked. SMH thank you United Reggae for taking the time to give DANCEHALL some props! brap brap

Posted by BorinkenRockers on 01.04.2012
I know that the article says Dancehall, but they are many types of dancehall in the list the good ones in my oponinion are, the summertime riddim and Blaze Fia! Dancehall covers a big range nowadays, they were many riddims in 2011 that were worth the mention. What about the BBQ Riddim, Bubble Gum Riddim, World Citizen Riddim this riddim and the ones I mention are not just roots they are dancehall!

Posted by Mr Hottted on 10.30.2012
My 2011 riddim list would look like this in no order: Summer fling, overproof, summertime, Wildlife, Armaggiddion, Bad Acid, Island vibes, full size, Intensity, employer, tenement yard, gaza world, full moon. BorinkenRockers named some nice riddims also. For singles I would say Busy signal - life, but there are many others that are nice also.

Posted by declan on 11.30.2013
Massive collection like that for di maximum rararara pom pom.

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