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Interview: Jemere Morgan

Interview: Jemere Morgan

Interview: Jemere Morgan

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"I have some pretty big shoes to fill but I'm ready to take on the challenge"


Every reggae lover knows or has heard at least a song of Morgan Heritage, the royal family of reggae. And a new generation of this talented big family is growing up, and it has been a pleasure for me to have the chance to interview Jemere Morgan.

Jemere Morgan

You are the son of Gramps Morgan of  Morgan Heritage. How do you feel being part and representing the new generation of this great family?  Musically speaking, which  commitment means carrying a last name like this?

I feel very blessed and humbled to take part of my family legacy. I have some pretty big shoes to fill but I’m ready to take on the challenge and take what my family have done in the business to another level which well set the path for the next generations of Morgan’s to come… and it’s a bunch of us so get ready! (laughs)

So young, just 17 years old, and already two singles released: “First Kiss” and “Sunshine Glow”. Can you tell us something about these releases, the studio experience or any anecdote?

Well my first single “First Kiss” came along by me singing in the shower which I love doing because of the reverb in the bathroom (laughs) and that’s how I came up with the melody. So I took it to the studio and put my thoughts into the lyrics and there you have it “First Kiss”. Now my second single “Sunshine Glow” is a funny story. That was actually the first reggae “one drop” song I ever done so I was a little nervous because I had no clue what I was doing. I sat in the studio for 3 hours trying to find a melody and nothing was coming to my head. So I took a break from the studio and then came back 45 minutes later and I finally found the melody! So I put the melody down and went back and put words into it and there you have it “Sunshine Glow”.

I will say it's "lovers rock". Music is life!

Your songs are very romantic, and the lyrics are mostly about love. Do you consider yourself a “lovers rock” singer? How important is for you to transmit messages through music?

Well I’m a teenager so this is the time where you start to first feel real feelings about a girl so I’m always built up with all these feelings inside of me about the girl I’m with and I always take things that girls say and put them into a song. And Yes! I’m a big fan of “lovers rock” music too, if there is one type of genre I can say that makes the girls say “yeahh” (laughs) then I will say it’s “lovers rock”. Music is life! Even the hardcore rap songs you hear now and days people can listen and relate to their own life so the message in my music is very important. I represent for all the young teen boys that go through problems with their girlfriend and sometimes they don’t know what to say or what to do to make their girl happy again. So I want to be the one they turn to and dedicate my songs to their problems.

Jemere Morgan

Besides your father and Morgan Heritage, which other artists have influenced your musical preferences? Is there any artist that you especially appreciate and/or would love to collaborate or be featured in the future?

Chris Brown is one of my favorite artist a lot of people say when I sing my R&B songs I sound like him and that’s because I study him a lot so he plays a big role in my craft. There’s a lot of artist I would love to work with such as Romain Virgo, Sean Kingston, Chris Brown, Ryan Leslie, Elephant man these guys are on the top of my list so I’m going to hunt them down (laughs).

I'm always built up with all these feelings inside of me about the girl I'm with and I always take things that girls say and put them into a song

Your name JEMERE means “wish come true”. Which is your biggest dream you would like to see accomplished?

I’ve always dreamed of selling out a stadium one day so doing that will be a huge accomplishment for me and I’m looking forward to doing that in my near future.

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Posted by Christine on 01.15.2012
Very nice. Some fresh is just what's needed. Well done young-un. :)))

Posted by dreObaye on 01.15.2012
Jemere's talent is obvious and extraordinary.... he did a spectacular record performance on the track "Sunshine Glow ".... it is one of mu top five songs of 2011... Just a great song... Love it man!!

Posted by leslie on 01.30.2012
Yeah man dis is a revelation of bigger and greater things to come from dis young gun am proud of u keep it up reggea rocks big up and dont stop.

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