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Interview: Tony Curtis

Interview: Tony Curtis

Interview: Tony Curtis

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"The state of the world is manmade, and we can fight them, spiritually and musically, but never physically"


Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis puts up a fight

Tony Curtis has been a reliable source for cultural and romantic reggae for well over a decade. His latest set – the EP Fight It for French Greenyard Records – showcases the same Tony Curtis as we are used to. But the production is tougher and his lyrics are refreshingly frank. United Reggae talked to Tony Curtis about the dancehall days and against what he puts up a fight.

Tony Curtis was born in Jamaica and got his break in the early 90’s when he won a local talent contest as best singer and met up with producer Barry O’Hare, for whom he recorded the successful single Butterfly.

Since then Tony Curtis has put out several booming singles and albums, both under his own name and as part of the all-star vocal quartet L.U.S.T with fellow singers Lukie D, Thriller U and Singing Melody.

His latest effort is the EP 'Fight It' produced by Zigo of Greenyard Records from France, a producer he met via rock stone deejay Burro Banton.

“We hooked up on Facebook and started talking,” says Tony Curtis on the phone from his veranda in Jamaica.

A versatile set

Fight It shows a tougher side of Tony, even though the romantic lyrics are as present as ever.

“It basically fits everybody, and it shows every side of Tony Curtis. It has some roots, some dancehall, some lovers. It’s rounded,” he says, and adds:

“The songs are solid and it’s real reggae music, not the R&B sound. Zigo master the craft – it’s the real roots sound. It’s heartical and rootical music.”

Need for a change

But the riddims are tougher than many of Tony Curtis’ previous outings and he sings passionately about putting up a fight against depression, recession and starvation.

Tony Curtis“If you hear the tracks they will speak to you. The beat speaks to you. Like Fight It. The beat speaks Fight It. It’s what it says to your heart,” says Tony, and continues explaining why it was chosen as the title track:

“Fight It represents the whole album. It has power to it, and shows that there is a struggle in reggae music. I want to show what’s going on in the world and what better song to use. The state of the world is manmade, and we can fight them, spiritually and musically, but never physically. It’s a strong song. Word, sound and power.”

According to Tony society today is represented by selfishness, and we have to act.

“We build greed and foolishness. The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. Building weapons instead of taking care of the hungry. I mean, starvation could end. You just have to think about other people. If you’re not hungry, you’re not feeling it,“ he says.

Bring back the dancehall

But Fight It is also about dancehall and how it used to be. In Wine Fi Me he sings – “wine fi me baby, grind fi me baby, bring back the memories of how dancehall used to be”.

“It shows the roots of what dancehall is and where it’s coming from,” he says, and makes an example:

“Today, it’s a bunch of guys dancing in a group. Originally it was about a man and a woman sharing the night. I remember if you got a girl you’d hold on to her for the rest of the night,” he explains, and concludes:

“People standing selfish in the corner and not messing out them clothes. That’s not dancehall.”

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Posted by Paula on 09.11.2014
You go T !! You have always been an artist of extreme talent and quality music. Jah Bless always

Posted by Stacy on 09.27.2014
One of the most consistent artist in the industry. So talented, so humble, such a Blessing! Big Love my brother!!

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