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Rebel Salute 2012

Rebel Salute 2012

Rebel Salute 2012

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The festival took part on January 14th, 2012 at Port Kaiser's Sports Arena, Alligator Pond, St. Bess, Jamaica.

Golden Salute

"I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality.... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word."  ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Rebel Salute 2012

Although, music soothes the savage beast, reggae music, is the voice of the people, breaking through endless barriers of truth while seeking righteousness, hope, faith and unity. The truthful impact of reggae music today is recognizably diffused, producing a sense of disillusionment and frustration, especially with those who experienced the foundation years. And yet, every January, there remains a golden globe of consciousness that unites true believers into a sense of a brighter musical tomorrow. Tony Rebel, producer and creator of Rebel Salute, remains the harbinger of good will and promotes a salute to reggae gold nearly as bright as the thousands of lighters flickering throughout in the darkness of night.

Rebel Salute, held every January in Alligator Pond, never fails to reinforce that strong messages of 'unarmed truth' paired with 'unconditional love' can make a significant difference far greater than the many politicians who pontificate empty promises to the suffering masses. This collaboration of musical art demonstrates the continual affirmation by those near and far who believe in the adage "who feels it, knows it." Rebel Salute continues to bring together a magical mix of reggae artists and media from across the world to document a twelve hour stage show perfect in peace, love and creativity.

Golden Touch

This year marked Tony Rebel's fiftieth birthday and Jamaica's fiftieth year of Independence. The line-up was as brilliant as the Olympic Torch. The night easily transitioned to morning against the echoing sound of vuvuzela horns picking up in pace as the most highly featured artists arrived on stage. Talented offspring were an observable feature including a special birthday tribute to Tony Rebel by his twelve children. Tony, a proud Rastaman by faith, believes strongly in the strength of family and incorporates their support into the musical works of Flames Productions. Their talents range a broad spectrum from singing to accounting. His son and daughter, Abatau and Davi Rebel took the stage as performers, as well as Max Romeo's two younger sons. Other featured artists included Cen'C Love and Asadenaki, Damian and Stephen Marley, two of Stephen's sons and Gramps Morgan, all children of well known foundation artists. The amazing level of second and third generation talent lends even further to a golden future of reggae.

Golden Opportunity

Rebel Salute proudly scours the island and offers upcoming artists an opportunity to showcase their works. Knowing that some of these artists will be tomorrow's brilliant stars is reason enough to arrive early. The night began with searing performances by Teranchilla, Abatau & Davi Rebel, Anthony Selassie, and Chronixx. All of these artists bring a maturity and inspiration to reggae music. Chronixx, born and raised by a musical father, chanted about the days of slavery while remarking "dem nuh care about de poor people dem." He further ignited the night with messages of truth and rights. Anthony Selassie solidly represented the pure definition of consciousness and social activism. Not only are his songs highlighted by a sweet rootsy voice , his lyrical content is powerful and urgent. Anthony Selassie, promoting his new cd "Rising Above" has a commanding stage presence united with musical substance.

Although reggae has long been accused of not giving women artists the respect and honor they deserve, Tony, a strong supporter of women in the industry, assured the Rebel Salute crowd a golden peek at some of reggae's finest female singers. Queen Ifrica, a glowing mother to be, sparked a sea of red, gold and green flags as she poignantly emphasized female empowerment with songs such as "Daddy" and "Lioness on the Rise." Jah9, dub poet, singer-songwriter and social activist reached out to the youth, suggesting the use of lyrical weapons instead of violence and guns. Nelly Stharre, hailing from the island of Dominica, captured remarkable revolutionary essence with "Rise My Sisters" and the plea for peace and love. Her upcoming cd entitled "Lion Queen" is bound to break new barriers for female royalty. Cen'C Love, daughter of Bunny Wailer, captured the aura of female elegance, arriving in an outstanding white silky dress adorned with delicate cowrie shells looking very much like a royal Greek goddess. Accented by her trademark black guitar, Cen-C Love educated the women in the crowd to always be themselves and not let society promote behaviors of self destruction. In a similar vein, with brother Asadenaki, "Starving Artist" talks to the importance of keeping the message strong without relenting to compromise.

Rebel Salute 2012

Golden Past and Present

Foundation reggae was effectively punctuated by a host of legendary singers including Max Romeo, Errol Dunkley, Yami Bolo, Edi Fitzroy, General Trees, Leroy Gibbons, Admiral Bailey, Johnny Osbourne, Johnny Clarke and Eric Donaldson. Johnny Osbourne returned to the stage after a fifteen years sabatical. These artists defined the essence of reggae roots bringing Port Kaiser's to their feet dancing and singing, embracing vintage gold as a tribute to the immortality of roots reggae music. It's "Sipple Out Deh" and "War Inna Babylon" launched Max Romeo's set into a high fever of participation. The history of reggae unfolded like a treasure chest of pirate's bounty.

Tarrus Riley, Luciano, Maxi Priest, Stephen and Damian Marley, Capleton, Gramps, Romain Virgo, Mikey Spice and Duane Stephenson provided a solid rock of current reggae favorites acknowledging that reggae talent continues to abound through the magic of Rebel Salute, arguably one of Jamaica's greatest stage shows. The crowd literally went wild when Damian Marley came out of the shadows to join his brother, Stephen onstage. Jamaican favorite, Romain Virgo,  overcome with emotion, released tears down his cheeks, visibly embraced by the message he was delivering, a cathartic moment for both artist and audience.

Cali P, Prophecy, Iba MaHr, Jah Cutta, Jahdore, Lejahni, like lions in the jungle, canvassed the stage while cultivating new fans across the island. The mix of artists is a true testament that reggae music can reign powerful in the fight against evil. Consciousness can prevail above all and humanity and can rise above the closed minded box that society uses to imprison the minds of the people.

Golden Rule

Tony Rebel has clearly demonstrated year after year that Rebels rule.

Rastafari lives deep in the hearts and minds of those musically fighting the societal system. It is simple, one must do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It is imperative that those who have the power to offer support  to the arts and development of their countries, wake up and embrace the reality right in front of them. Promote and educate the youth by giving them a constructive outlet for their emotions. Invest in the artists who so eloquently frame the history of a nation. Black gold is an irreplaceable natural resource especially in Caribbean countries where the people mine their words and wisdom into crucial art forms shaping history while defining the misguided actions of governments and power.


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Posted by giovanni rizza on 09.04.2012
Second Largest Reggae Jamaican Show.

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