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I-Wayne, Fantan Mojah and Ijahman Levi in Warszawa

I-Wayne, Fantan Mojah and Ijahman Levi in Warszawa

I-Wayne, Fantan Mojah and Ijahman Levi in Warszawa

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Check the photos of the artists in Poland on February 21st.

I couldn't miss another occasion to hear the veteran roots singer Ijahman Levi live and in the club venue for the very first time. The mini-tour over Poland organized by Buxna Agency spanned Wroclaw and Warsaw and was reinforced by recognized Jamaican artists Fantan Mojah and I-Wayne and a short set by Marlene Johnson.

However short, I-Wayne set was a really memorable one and artist's skills clearly shouted for more attention (summer festivals, perhaps?). Polish massive could hear a vast selection of his tunes and hear some spiritual advices from the 'Life Teachings' author. I was really pleased to listen to artist's greatest hits Can't Satisfy Her and Living in Love and I definitely can recommend seeing I-Wayne live.

Fantan Mojah was the last artist to enter the stage before Ijahman Levi on this very special evening in Warsaw's Proxima club. I have already seen his performance on Summerjam Festival and expected a good, powerful show. And so it happened!

Fantan entered the stage wearning his inherent "Zion" backpack even got a strong feedback from the massive from the very first song. Fantan, who is a Rastafarian and member of Bobo Ashanti puts a strong emphasis on social issues and advocating the poor, while spreading the spiritual message and praising King Selassie I. The audience went crazy when they heard Hungry, Corruption and Hail the King, signature-tunes of Fantan. Highly recommended!

Finally Ijahman Levi came on stage. The setlist comprised his greatest songs, including Witness, Africa, Ring The Alarm and extended, combined versions of classic Jah Heavy Load and Moulding.


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