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I-Wayne Reveals his Top Tunes

I-Wayne Reveals his Top Tunes

I-Wayne Reveals his Top Tunes

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"Revolution from Dennis Brown is definitely a inspiring song, especially in this last days"


I-Wayne is well known for his criticism of the slackness (or nastiness as he calls it) in the music industry and for his love about the topic he dedicates most of his songs to - life.


With his uncompromising stance towards the commercialization of music he inspires fans worldwide. Arig Idris met him at his favorite place in Portmore, just a few steps away from his yard, to ask him about which songs and artists that inspire him. I-Wayne also shared which of his own songs that means the most to him.

Sizzla Kalonji - Black Woman & Child (1997)

"When I first hear this one I just loved the way he spoke about the empress dem. Big, big, big tune! Uplifting women is something I make sure to do in my music aswell. You see how dem portray women in the slacknessmusic, with them nastiness? I-Wayne would never do that."

Dennis Brown - Revolution (1984)

"First of all the melody is really, really good. But apart from that, the lyrics are life teachings also. When him sing "Do you know what it means to have a revolution? (...) Are you ready to stand up and fight it just like soldiers? Many are called, few are chosen." Definitely a inspiring song, especially in this last days. This is a crucial time and people need to wake up."

Sade - By Your Side (2000)

"One of my favorite songs about love and one of the few truly genuine songs. The part when she sing "You think I'd leave your side baby? You know me better than that. You think I'd leave you down when you're down on your knees? I wouldn't do that." It touches me because it sounds so sincere. It's a beautiful feeling when you feel that way about a person - you know I'm here for you, no matter what. Real artist, real lyrics."

Even though I-Wayne loves his songs "like him youth dem" there are still a few songs that are a little bit more dear and special to him.

Living in Love (2005)

I-Wayne"This song here now is the first song from I-Wayne that people really start recognize and embrace. Even though it's a powerful song that blaze fire and have some serious lyrics it gain a lot of success out there. I know a lot of people disliked it because of the way I'm burning the fire but my righteous people embraced and loved it."

Book of Life (2007)

"Babylon, or babywrong, are trying to tear up the pages in the book of life so they can create their own book. These are the things that we as righteous people have to stand up and fight against. That's what I'm trying to encourage and share with my listeners. Remember that whatever you do should be true."

Ready Fi Live Up (2005)

"Ready fi live up is about the empress that is gravitating more and more towards righteousness, and I love it. She ready fi live up now mi seh! The feeling you have when you finally meet someone with the same values and interests as you, that is what the song is about. It's like me singing about it and rejoicing over that! It's like she come to a stage when she is ready to embrace the righteous rasta livity because "she know the slack livin it not all that". I love to see those type of women, or empresses as I would call them."

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