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Interview: Jesse Royal

Interview: Jesse Royal

Interview: Jesse Royal

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"Musicians are the driving force. We have to keep the live music alive"


I first met Jesse Royal on the steps of the world famous Grafton Studio in the Vineyard Town section of Kingston, Jamaica. I have been following Jesse for some time now and he is one of the most promising Kingston youths. Jesse has been making music for years and now he is writing and recording tracks for his debut album. He has worked with Philip "Fatis" Burrell, Earl "Chinna" Smith and Sizzla Kalonji a few big names in Reggae Music. Along with this interview Jesse Royal has given United Reggae the exclusive on the Butterflies acoustic Inna De Yard video with Earl 'Chinna' Smith on guitar. He has also given us the premier of his Mixtape titled 'Misheni' which is Swahili for "The Mission". 'Misheni' is available as a free download as a "Thank You" to current fans and as introduction for those who are just learning of Jesse Royal.

Jesse Royal

Jesse, in your own words who is Jesse Royal?

Jesse Royal is the voice of the youth. Jesse Royal is everyone, everything that is happening now. The voice of the people with Rastafari at the head of it.

What music are you listening to today?

Well, we've always been listening to the King, Bob. The Beatles are there, Bill Withers, Super Cat, Junior Gong, Ragga, and Sizzla Kalonji. Nice music you can't resist.

Which of your songs is your favorite to perform live? Which song has the most meaning to you?

Every song has its own meaning. Every song has its own vibe. Every piece connected. Every ingredient in a dish is important from the carrots to the garlic. Every song has its own little place. We love them all.

How did you become involved with Xterminator Records, which was founded by the late great Philip "Fatis" Burrell?

I always did music and was friends with Fatis' son Kareem 'Remus' Burrell. We were all friends and the music thing came together naturally. Each man playing their part. Fatis was an elder who we looked up to even called him Uncle Fatis. From creation it was Jah's plan from before I knew. Like Steve Jobs said it's not until you look that you can connect the dots.

Fatis was known for using live musicians for his work. Is this something you plan to follow in the future?

It is a must. Out of respect and it is the real way to do the music. It is very nice when the vibe comes from 5 different souls. When everything comes together it is a different energy than when one man does his thing. You have to keep the authenticity alive. The musicians are a KEY part. I cannot say that enough. They are the driving force. We have to keep the live music alive.

Last year you toured with Sizzla and recently visited Brazil and Africa. Can you share a memory from your trip?

It was lovely and it's always lovely to learn. I learned a lot of things on the road. At the end of the day the music is for the people. People are being mislead and mistreated all around the world. You have to go check what's going on. You can't really speak about it if you don't know what's going on. Who feels it knows it.

What are your future plans?

The future plan is to get the youths aware. Our generation has to come forth and fight this fight. Set a different standard in this world. Really implement the things we have been fighting for. My plan for an E.P. will soon come. Thinking about calling it Royally Speaking. I let the cat out of the bag. It is a mission not a competition. Each and every one has to play their part.

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Royally Speaking!

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