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United Reggae Magazine #15 - January 2012

January 2012 Sampler

January 2012 Sampler

United Reggae offers the fourth free digital music sampler together with this issue. It contains 30 tracks from several of the artists that are covered in this fifteenth issue such as Midnite, Sizzla, I-Octane, Cornell Campbell, Etana, Fantan Mojah, Mr Vegas and more. 
You can choose to stream or download it.

This music sampler is available for free download with United Reggae Magazine #15 - January 2012.

You can't distribute, share, copy nor sell it. All the tracks in this sampler are courtesy of the authors -that own the whole rights- for this sampler only and can't be used for anything else.

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Roberto Gell - Jamaica

Taken from the album 'Roberto Gell - Work Hard' (2011 - ReggaePR)


Mystic Soul - Sorry

Taken from the album 'Mystic Soul - I Am The One' (2011 - LyricSurge Record)
Written by MYSTIC SOUL
Produced by IAN JOHNSON
Executive producers: Raphael Logan and Wayne Russell
Engineered and mixed by Carl (VIRGO) Bent.
Background arrangement and vocals by Karlene Levy (Nina Carl)
Lyricsurge Publishings, ASCAP.


Tinga Stewart - Caan Cool

Taken from the album 'Tinga Stewart - Nah Linga' (2010 - Emperor Records)
Author and copyright: Joel Brown
Musician: Dwight Pickney
Vocal: Tinga Stewart


Cornell Campbell and The Tamlins - Jah Jah Man Riddim Megamix

Taken from 'Jah Jah Man riddim' (2011 - Irie Ites)
Produced by Irie Ites Records


Joshua Moses - Rise Up

Taken from the 12" vinyl single 'Joshua Moses - Rise Up' (2012 - Bristol Archive Records)
Written by (Bailey/Hall) 1984
(p)&(c) Bristol Archive Records
Released as a 12" Vinyl single with the Dub on the B Side 20th February 2012 ARC221V


Etana - Beautiful Day

Free single (2012 - Freemind Music / House of Riddim)
Available at


General Smiley - Natty Natty

Taken from the album 'General Smiley meets McPullish at Dub Cove' (2011 - Charlie's Records)
Produced by Carson McPullish


Junior Toots - Puss and Dog

Taken from the album 'Junior Toots - A Little Bit of Love (March 2012 - Crown Of Fire Records)


Midnite - All People

Taken from the album 'Midnite - In Awe' (2012 - Fifth Son Records)
Produced by Juaquin Wilson, Matthew Wasowski and Vaughn Benjamin
Recorded and mixed by Juaquin Wilson
Assistant engineer: Matthew Wasowski


Andre Prehay - Education Needed (Feat. Promoe)

Taken from the album 'Andre Prehay - The Transition' (2011 - Flaming Larynx)
Produced by Andre Prehay


Anthony Cruz - Only The Father

Taken from the album 'Anthony Cruz - Cruz Control' (2012 - Shan Shan Music)
Produced by Anthony Cruz


Brina - Lala Vizuri (Sleep My Little Baby)

Taken from the upcoming album 'Brina - Under One Sun' (2011 - Tribal Global Records)
Composer: Subrina Murray & Kieran C Murray
Produced by Kieran C Murray for Tribal Global Productions


I-Taweh - Rise and Shine

Taken from the album 'I-Taweh - Overload' (2011 - Tap Nat Muzik)


Jemere Morgan - Sunshine Glow

Taken from the single 'Jemere Morgan - Sunshine Glow' (2011 - Dada Son)


Cen'C Love - These Lies

Taken from the album 'Cen'C Love - Love Letter' (2011 - Lyvestone Music)
Composed by Cen'C Love
Produced by Sheldon "Callibud" Stewart and Carl 'One Blood' Thomas
Executive produced by Sequoia M David


Da Professor - Peace and Unity

Taken from the album 'Da Professor - The Laboratory' (2012 - Don Corleon records)
Produced by Don Corleon


Dubmatix - Senseless Killing Dub (Feat. Freddie Mcgregor)

Taken from the album 'Dubmatix - Atomic Subsonic' (2007 - Silencio Records)


Nikesha Lindo - Caution

Taken from 'Club Dance Riddim' (2012 - Flava McGregor Records)
Produced by Kemar McGregor


Errol Bellot - Everything Possible

Taken from the album 'Errol Bellot - Know Jah (2012 - Reality Shock)
Produced by Kris Kemist


Badda - Free Dem

Taken from 'Bloom Field Riddim' (2012 - Cultural Productions)
Produced by Cultural Productions


Daddy Freddy - Yes We A Blood

Taken from the album 'Fashion In Fine Style (Fashion Records Greatest Hits Volume One)' (March 2012 - Fashion records)


Protoje - Who Dem A Program

Taken from upcoming album 'Protoje - The 8 Year Affair' (2012 - Don Corleon Records)
Produced by Don Corleon


Fantan Mojah - Rasta Got Soul

Taken from Think Twice Riddim (2012 - Warrior Musick)
Produced by Dameon Gayle


Sizzla - Chanting Rastaman

Taken from the album 'Sizzla - The Chant' (2012 - AfroJam Music)
Produced by Caveman Productions


Lutan Fyah - Ras Always

Taken from 7" vinyl records 'Lutan Fyah - Ras Always' (2010 - Charlie's Records)


I-Octane - My Problems Gone

Taken from the EP 'I-Octane - Straight From The Heart' (2011 - Destine Media)


Lord Uptown - Humble Dread

Taken from the single 'Lord Uptown Humble Dread' (2012 - Dub Cobra)


Kabaka Pyramid - Ready Fi Di Road

Taken from the album 'Kabaka Pyramid - Rebel Music' (2011 - Bebble Rock Music)


Mr. Vegas - Say Yuh Bad

Taken from the album 'Mr Vegas - Sweet Jamaica Reggae' (2012 - MV Music)


Cali P - Dat A Wah Me Prefer

Taken from the album 'Cali P - Unstoppable' (2011 - Hemp Higher)

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