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Born in Trench Town
On Sep 17th 2012 - 14414 views
New Jamaican Documentary.
Reggae Film Festival 2011
On Jun 26th 2011 - 2745 views
Barbara Blake Hannah, Festival Director, report on the event.
In The Spotlight: Bizot Bar Opens, RIDDIM speaks, LEGENDary Eats
On Feb 27th 2011 - 2494 views
Last week in Jamaica: Chris Blackwell, Bizot Bar, Radio Nova, Riddim Magazine and Legend Cafe
In The Spotlight: Bob Marley's 66th Birthday Bash
On Feb 9th 2011 - 3553 views
IN THE SPOTLIGHT joined the world to celebrate the 66th Earthday of National Hero Ras Robert Nesta...
In The Spotlight: Dancehall Christmas and the Market
On Dec 4th 2010 - 1812 views
This week in Jamaica... Digicel cleans up the market.
In The Spotlight: Independent VoYces Literary Fair
On Nov 16th 2010 - 1328 views
Last week in Jamaica... Jamaican books.
Rise Up
On Nov 3rd 2010 - 3689 views
An interesting feature documentary.
In The Spotlight: Films, Films and more Jamaican Films
On Oct 19th 2010 - 5211 views
This week in Jamaica... Jamaican films.
In The Spotlight: Better Mus' Come
On Oct 12th 2010 - 4585 views
This week in Jamaica: the premiere of BETTER MUS’ COME in Kingston.
In The Spotlight : Buju Banton On Trial
On Oct 2nd 2010 - 6005 views
 This week in Jamaica... Buju Banton's trial has been the main topic of conversation.
In The Spotlight: Jamdown and Manifesto Jamaica
On Sep 26th 2010 - 2421 views
This week in Jamaica
In The Spotlight: A Dance For Grace, Art Competition and Jolly Boys
On Sep 24th 2010 - 2172 views
Last week in Jamaica...
In The Spotlight: New Jamaican Cinema
On Sep 7th 2010 - 4831 views
This week in Jamaica... Jamaican film industry.
In The Spotlight: Reggae Film Festival at Rototom and Miss Jamaica Universe
On Sep 1st 2010 - 2861 views
This week in Jamaica ... and Spain.
In The Spotlight: Rastafari Studies Conference and Photography
On Aug 23rd 2010 - 3278 views
This week in Jamaica ...

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