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Interview: Sly Dunbar (Part 1 - Memories)
On May 24th 2012 - 8022 views
"The steppers drumming really started with Phil Chalender at Studio 1"
Interview: Peter Hunnigale
On May 17th 2012 - 2144 views
"Steve Jobs' name is ironic. People LOST jobs because of what he thought was an innovative idea"
Interview: Christopher Ellis
On May 10th 2012 - 4064 views
"I want to be myself and bring something to my dad's legacy"
Interview: Hollie Cook, Prince Fatty and Horseman at St Pancras Station
On Apr 28th 2012 - 3480 views
"It's organized chaos!"
Interview: Tarrus Riley (2012)
On Apr 24th 2012 - 16182 views
"I have to surprise you. The minute I stop surprising you we have a problem!"
Cecil Reuben's Birthday at Brixton Hootananny
On Apr 21st 2012 - 1473 views
Michael Prophet closes this community show in style.
Interview: Busy Signal
On Apr 18th 2012 - 14021 views
"A lot of young kids right now don't know about Alton Ellis or U Roy - some of them don't even know...
Tarrus Riley - Mecoustic
On Apr 16th 2012 - 2877 views
Tarrus' voice and writing are given ample room to breathe.
Cos I'm Black Riddim
On Apr 15th 2012 - 2102 views
A backing that makes it very hard to deliver a bad song.
Busy Signal - Reggae Music Again
On Apr 9th 2012 - 7185 views
Everything modern reggae can be today.
Peter Spence - I'll Fly Away
On Apr 9th 2012 - 3573 views
Whether you love God or just good music, this is a real treat.
Interview: Fashion Records
On Apr 6th 2012 - 3002 views
"Chris is musical, I know how the business side of it works. We complemented each other in that...
Tetrack - Unfinished Business
On Apr 4th 2012 - 2492 views
A well penned, beautifully sung return which deserves to find an audience.
Interview: Clinton Fearon (2012)
On Mar 29th 2012 - 2478 views
"Sometimes a good song gets hidden by the plentiful instrumentation and electric devices"
Interview: Chantelle Ernandez
On Mar 28th 2012 - 2052 views
"I gravitated towards singing because it was an escape"

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