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Who is Dj Stryda

DJ Stryda has been on the FM airwaves in Bristol (South West, England) since he was 18 years old. The vibes began in 1996 on 'Ragga 105FM 'where Stryda gave us two years of solid roots reggae vibrations.


After having a series of shows on various other Bristol based radio stations Stryda took the vibes to 'Passion 106.2FM' where he has presented his 'Sufferah's Choice Show' right up until this day.

Latest articles from Dj Stryda

Interview : Tena Stelin
On Jul 26th 2008 - 15321 views
"Without the rasta there would be no reggae music as I know it"
Interview : Aba Shanti I
On Jun 30th 2008 - 5357 views
"In the 70’s and 80’s it was predominantly black people that would go to these sort...

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