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Romain Virgo - Lifted
On Nov 29th 2015 - 95 views
Romain Virgo’s Lifted bodes well for new album in 2016.
Noel Ellis meets Lone Ark - Zion
On Nov 22nd 2015 - 408 views
Showstopping showcase from Noel Ellis.
Marla Brown - Deliverance
On Nov 22nd 2015 - 722 views
Promising debut EP from Dennis Brown’s daughter Marla Brown.
Jr Thomas & The Volcanos - Beware
On Nov 2nd 2015 - 645 views
Beware – sweet sounds from Jr Thomas & The Volcanos.
Clive Chin Presents Randy's Dub
On Oct 31st 2015 - 681 views
The power of the rhythm showcased on Randy’s Dub.
EarthKry - Hard Road EP
On Oct 28th 2015 - 837 views
Superb debut set from Jamaican quartet EarthKry.
The Return of Vibronics
On Oct 28th 2015 - 422 views
Vibronics return with another earth-shaking set.
Bitty McLean - Heart, Mind & Soul
On Oct 28th 2015 - 521 views
Sophistication galore on Bitty McLean’s Heart, Mind & Soul.
The Frightnrs - Inna Lovers Quarrel
On Oct 27th 2015 - 463 views
Killer debut from The Frightnrs.
Puma Ptah - In One Accord
On Oct 27th 2015 - 509 views
Solid and dreamy roots on Puma Ptah’s solo debut.
Sly & Robbie and Spicy Chocolate - The Reggae Power 2
On Oct 25th 2015 - 1312 views
Uplifting and positive on The Reggae Power 2.
Lloyd Brown - From the Old School & Twenty
On Oct 25th 2015 - 454 views
Catching the reggaemylitis with Lloyd Brown.
Idlers Corner Records meets Russ D
On Oct 25th 2015 - 432 views
A fruitful meeting between France and the UK.
Karl Morrison - Better Must Come
On Oct 25th 2015 - 408 views
Solid and comfortable debut from Karl Morrison.
Mafia and Fluxy Introducing The Pharmacist
On Oct 24th 2015 - 451 views
Mafia & Fluxy and The Pharmacist treat pain, depression and anesthesia on new dub album.

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