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Who is Ishangophotos

Our aim is to bring Jamaica to our family in a pictorial way. We want our family to enjoy Jamaica through our lenses.. We will go to any means to capture the beauty of Jamaica.

“Photography is an art of creating still or moving pictures with a camera”. - Anon

UNLIKE this standard definition of what photography is, at ISHANGO, photography is literally our life. With every click of the camera, every single shot has a unique angle or lighting and epitomizes what we brand as our "extreme professionalism".

THE name ISHANGO is African; we claim it because we are indeed taking photography back to its roots. Strong roots where pictures meant something or told a story to mimic Jamaica’s folklored history.

ISHANGO, which was launched early 2010, has already revolutionized Jamaican photography at events with our strong desire to be different from the rest. We crave individuality.

ISHANGO strives to make every picture extremely worthy to be displayed, literally, ‘to the world’.

Visit INSHANGO photography website and Facebook page for more.

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Singing Melody Album Launch
On Feb 12th 2012 - 1366 views
Singing Melody launched his new album last month in Kingston, Jamaica.

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