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Boogie Mix Vol. 1

Boogie Mix Vol. 1

Mixed by Youth Lion Sound

Out in March 2009 - Published on 14 Mar 2011 - Genre: Roots - 40968 views

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The idea of the Boogie Mix's is to propose in a regular way, a likkle mix (about 15 minutes), of collectors and original tunes, from outa di Youth Lion Vinyl Box. Simply to discover or re-discover somes tunes of jamaican music.

1 - Lloyd Jones - Red In A Babylon (Super Natural Disc)
2 - Freddie McKay - Father Will Cut You Off (Money Disc)
3 - Ken Boothe - Freedom Street (Beverley's)
4 - Dennis Alcapone - You Don't Say (High School International)
5 - Junior "Beart Down Babylon" Byles - Gwane Joshua Gwane (Soul Beat)
6 - Freedom Group - Free At Last (Giant)
7 - Jimmy London - Jamaica Festival 72 (Impact)
8 - Brent Dowe - Down Here In Babylon (Crazy Joe)
9 - Willie Williams - Armigedeon Style (Studio 1)

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Posted by Rita on 08.22.2016
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Posted by Takeo on 09.05.2016
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Posted by Jock on 09.06.2016
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