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Boogie Mix Vol. 3

Boogie Mix Vol. 3

Mixed by Youth Lion Sound

Out in July 2009 - Published on 14 Mar 2011 - Genre: Roots, Ska - 12204 views

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The idea of the Boogie Mix's is to propose in a regular way, a likkle mix (about 15 minutes), of collectors and original tunes, from outa di Youth Lion Vinyl Box. Simply to discover or re-discover somes tunes of jamaican music.

1 - Lloyd Williams – Reggae Feet (Supreme – 7”)
2 - The Maytals – So Mad In Love (BMN – 7”)
3 - Teddy Magnus – Beautiful Day (Trans-AM – 7”)
4 - Dennis Alcapone – Nanny Version (Supreme – 7”)
5 - Willie Francis – Leaving But I Won’t Be Long (Little Willie Records – 7”)
6 - The Silvertones – Tears Drops Will Fall (Clandisc – 7”)
7 - Carlton Coffie & The Natural Elements – Musical Revolution (Cosmonamic – 7”)
8 - Zap-Pow – This Reggae Music (Blue Mountains – 7”)
9 - The Mighty Diamonds – I Need A Roof (Channel One US – LP)
10 - Eric Bubble – Jamaican Song (Black Link International – 7”)
12 - Eric Donaldson – Sweet Jamaica (1977 Festival Winner) (Weed Beat – 7”)
13 - Owen Williams – No Man Can Make A Man (King Attorney – 7”)
14 - Barrington Levy – Rock And Come In (Volcano – LP)
15 - Tony Tuff – Try A Little Things (Thrillseekers – 7”)
16 - Barrington Levy – Many Changes In Life (Volcano – LP)

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