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Boogie Mix Vol. 5

Boogie Mix Vol. 5

Mixed by Youth Lion Sound

Out in February 2010 - Published on 14 Mar 2011 - Genre: Roots, Ska - 31562 views

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The idea of the Boogie Mix's is to propose in a regular way, a likkle mix (about 15 minutes), of collectors and original tunes, from outa di Youth Lion Vinyl Box. Simply to discover or re-discover somes tunes of jamaican music.

00 - Intro
01 - Ken Parker - I Keep Walking Back (Bongo Man -7") 1972
02 - The Soul Vendors – Frozen Soul (Studio 1 – 7”) 1968
03 - Bonny & Skitter – Lonely Night (Bongo Man – 7”) 1973
04 - Ernest  “Soul” Wilson – If I Were A Carpenter (Studio 1 – 7”) 1968
05 - The Gaylads – The Time I Won’t Hurt You (Beverley’s – LP) ?
06 - Prince Jazzbo – Play Boy Version (Bongo Man – 7”) 1973
07 - Ken Boothe – Why Baby Why (Beverley’s – LP) ?
08 - Prince Jazzbo – School (Bono Man – 7’) 1972
09 - The Lyrics – Give Thanks (Chappy – 7”) 1971
10 - Phillips Samuel aka Samuel The First – Sounds Of Babylon (Beverley’s PRE – 7”) 1971
11 - The Lyrics – Love That Is Real (Chappy – 7”) 1971
12 - The Q.D.’s – Well Controlled (Star Trek – 7”) 1977
13 - Bob Marley & The Wailers – Duppy Conqueror (Upsetter – 7”) 1970
14 - Jacob Miller – Stand Firm (Top Ranking – 7”) 1978
15 - Ruddy Thomas – Go Home Son (Ruddy T – 7”) ?
16 - Ken Boothe – Freedom Time (Charm’s Records – 7”) ? 
Bonus Track :
17 - Charm’s Big Band – Freedom Dub (Charm’s Records – 7”) ?

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Posted by Winston Slater on 05.29.2012
These tunes bring me back to the good old days.

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