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Rasta Rock - 2009 Roots and Digital

Rasta Rock - 2009 Roots and Digital

Mixed by Better Must Come

Out in January 2010 - Published on 13 Mar 2011 - Genre: Roots, Modern Roots - 19089 views

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Another modern roots mix with strictly 2009 tracks. No Jamaican productions in this one, mainly EU productions (Netherlands, Germany, UK), with a few from the US. Roots and digital are the main ingredients for this one, variety of artists, producers and styles. Wicked tunes in this one people, trust me. Same recipe as always, one continuous mix, no full tunes, added sound samples and source-info given so you can go and track down these tunes yourself.


01) Courtney John - Lucky Man (Peckings - Lucky Man)
02) Lady Lex - Don't Know Why (Peckings - Lucky Man)
03) Jah Faith - No Bother Grumble (Jan-Disc)
04) Black Emeralds - Humble Dub (Jan-Disc)
05) Mykal Rose - Hypocrites Warning (Heartical - Tonight)
06) General Levy - Life Hard (Heartical - Tonight)
07) Basque Dub Foundation - Midnight Organ (Heartical - Tonight)
08) Don Carlos & Million Stylez - World Crisis (Ink A Link)
09) Prezident Brown - Rasta Rock (African Beat - Bubbler)
10) Perfect - Can't Touch Me (African Beat - Bubbler)
11) Burro Banton - Too Dutty (African Beat - Bubbler)
12) Bubbler Riddim Version (African Beat - Bubbler)
13) Lukie D - Send Dem Come (Maximum Sound - Praise Jahovia)
14) Fantan Mojah feat Zareb - Good Meditation (Maximum Sound - Praise Jahovia)
15) Mr Vegas & Konshens - Help Me Praise Jahovia (Maximum Sound - Praise Jahovia)
16) Busy Signal - Uniform Bad Bwoy (Maximum Sound - Praise Jahovia)
17) Million Stylez & Joey Fever - Young Gunz (Necessary Mayhem - Come Down)
18) Tippa Irie - Tippa On Da Mic (Necessary Mayhem - Come Down)
19) Papa Levi - Speed Rappin' (Necessary Mayhem - Come Down)
20) Pinchers - Bandelero (Necessary Mayhem - Come Down)
21) Mr Williamz - Real General (Necessary Mayhem - Come Down)
22) Joey Fever - Back With A Blast (Fast Forward - Love My)
23) Everton Chambers - Walk In Peace (Fast Forward - Love My)
24) Samuel Lancine - They Don't Know (Fast Forward - Love My)
25) Love My Riddim Version (Fast Forward - Love My)
26) General Levy - Jah Jah Bless (SouLove - Jah Jah Bless)
27) ASK - Burnin Babylon (SouLove - Jah Jah Bless)
28) Jah Melodie - Seek King Ras Tafari (Roots Tribe)
29) Slimmah Sound - Dub Version (Roots Tribe)
30) Luciano - Protect I Jah (Silly Walks Discotheque - Aspire)
31) Lutan Fyah - Wreckage (Silly Walks Discotheque - Aspire)
32) Million Stylez - Born In The System (Bassrunner - Prison Break)
33) Fantan Mojah - Hot (Bassrunner - Prison Break)
34) Mykal Rose - Fight I Down (Bassrunner - Prison Break)
35) Chezidek - Vampire (Massive B - Declaration Of Rights)
36) Burro Banton - What U Fightin For (Massive B - Declaration Of Rights)
37) Kyle Sicarius - Tribulation (Roots Tribe)
38) Slimmah Sound - Tribulation Dub (Roots Tribe)
39) Barry Issac - Swell Headed (Reggae On Top)
40) Reggae On Top All Stars - Swell Headed Dub (Reggae On Top)


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